Friday, July 19, 2013


I will blog on more food adventures soon. I am sure I have made you hungry enough. 
For now, enjoy some photos of my trip...

for the train to the city, whud.

their very own Hogwarts grounds!!! Nahh, just their Grand Hall at University of Sydney hahaha

with my sister and her bestfriend.

Sunset at Blackwattle Bay.

And then, an early morning flight home to Perth. At the end of it, I do miss home alot and am glad I was living in Perth instead.

A couple of Instagram photos (follow me @mayyb)

mayyn meal - The Opera Bar

Just some Sydney signature views for you. We went there after Ms G's on our first night. Parking was a total fiasco and glad when we finally found one. To walk all the way and be greeted by this sight, it was quite beautiful to be honest.

I had a cocktail but I really found the whole experience not very pleasant from snobby bartenders to poor security treatment. I wont be returning anytime soon or even during my next visit or so.

Does look very classy and all. But really disliked the service and the treatment.

Lucky they have the view.

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mayyn meal - Black Star (Sydney)

So after our Alexandria eating spree with breakfast and 2 cafes after, we DID NOT stop. We head on down to the very very famous Black Star Pastry.

it was so tiny and squishy but still so very charming. The vibe was wonderful, I must give them that.

Thats where we managed to squish and enjoy our cakes. I really have no idea how I managed to eat and eat.

To be honest, I wanted everything on there but only could choose two.

So I managed to pick the Vegan Chocolate cake with salted caramel popcorn, and the obvious Strawberry Watermelon cake.

There is so many photos because they dont just look pretty, they also taste amazing!!! even after all the food I ingested, it is possible to still find cakes tasting so good. 

It was light and refreshing and fruity and not at all too sweet. It was like the cake fairies all had a really good hair day and made this one up for us mortals.

This one is RICH. thats the only word for it. if you like chocolate, go nuts over this. it was moist and not at all dry too which makes it so much more enjoyable.

Wonder whats going on while I sit and enjoy the view....

Anyway, made it back to this place on my last day again and took away the cake and eclair.

the eclair did not blow me away like the other 2 cakes did but I am more than happy with my favourite cake in Sydney...

this version included grapes too! how surprisingly lovely.

I shall leave you with this for the post because I think it more than aptly captures my Sydney trip. 

Epicly decadent.

if I lived in Sydney, i would be here every week. trying out every single item on there.

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