Thursday, February 7, 2013

mayyn meal - Chye Seng Huat Hardware

Yes, the time for me to get blogging on the cafes I have been to this trip thus far has finally arrived. This place near Jalan Besar Stadium is definitely gaining popularity now that Papa Palheta's closed.

Unassuming isn't it? Just a bit of a walk from Lavender MRT station past Penhas Road.

When I was there, inside was bustling with people and a more corporate crowd was to be found.

Getting seats wasnt easy but Marsha and I finally did.

If the weather is cool, outside seats were ideal!

Banana pancakes was nothing to shout about but generous in having four 'jacks on the plate.

I like the counter space in the middle and how everything revolves around it.

I tried the Orange Zest Cappucino, a CNY special. Was really quite impressed by it. Very yummy and strong and that hint of orange in the midst of the thick coffee aroma.

The Double Happiness special. Abit like yu sheng eh? Just felt it needed to be abit more substantial as a meal offering or lunch item. But a very cool take on the traditional CNY dish.

I want to like this place, and for the most part I think I do. I just found it difficult because of the crowd even during a weekday. I prefer a more chill culture. Though, I would return if I was nearby. And also, to be very honest, I thought the two baristas working the coffee machine were very cute.

Eye candies and good coffee, a girl really couldnt ask for more?

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