Thursday, February 28, 2013

Mayy's Closet

Taking a break from CNY, just a quick summer outfit post.

A printed ruffle front strapless sundress that has served me well for both my staycations at MBS this holidays. I dont need much accessories with it which is great, just a pair of sunnies!

A closeup of the prints. I like to borrow it from sis closet everytime I am back at home! She got it from Bangkok, and to try and pinpoint which shop it is would be describing the great wall of china and back.

Ready to go for a swim or lay by the pool yet? I know I am. The pool at my place needs to get fixed already! Things in Perth really takes forever, the entire summer without a pool, you tell me why I pay so much for my strata fees?! 

Hahaha, nearly the weekend peeps! Hang in there xo

mayyn meal - Jones the Grocer (Mandarin Gallery)

Continuing with the brunch theme, I shall quickly blog about my first experience with Jones the Grocer (Mandarin Gallery outlet). Had to meet Kelly quickly while she was in transit in Singapore on her way back to Perth for her phd graduation ceremony (amazing and congrats to Dr Vu!)

Didnt quite feel like coffee so had a hot chocolate that rainy rainy morning. Very sweet and not as chocolatey as I would like it. Nothing seemed to quite warm you up better than a San Churro hot choc drink.

While Kelly had the big breakfast, I chose the Spanish eggs. Yummy baked eggs and its all so simply done. 

Its definitely a nice choice to have in town when u r up early to go shopping but otherwise, I am sure Singapore has so many other places to visit for brunch that you would have taken a while to try them all and wanna go back to Jones again... But props to its convenient location!

Completely Random

On a side note, what a cute idea to have a toy train set running around on a ceiling?!?!?!

Spotted at Au Chocolat at Marina Bay Sands Shoppes

mayyn meal - La Barca (dinner AND brunch!)

It is my favourite Italian place in Singapore so making sure to visit each time I am back is definitely on the to-do list. Enjoy the photos...For this time, I went on a Saturday for dinner with the family and then drove my cousins, sister and I back down for a Sunday brunch!

Scallops entree, big juicy and sweet.

Cod fish puree but I am unfortunately not a big fan of this dish. Too fishy and really just like eating cream.

To-die-for shell pasta with crabmeat and fresh cherry tomatoes.

grilled vegetables with basil pesto. because I wanted veggies.

The chef adding white truffle slices on the cod fish specially for us, so decadent.

Grilled prawns which still hasnt quite captured my heart like their pasta has.

grilled whole fish. scales and all.

definitely a big kinda portion for a whole family of four or more. Chef debones it for you amd you can watch.

Anyway so concludes our wonderful meal with the usual complimentary soup and petit fours before and after the meal.

There are special items on the brunch/lunch menu that the dinner menu does not support so it is well worth the trip down on a separate afternoon!

a macchiato for me

my vegetable omelette with a mozzarella pancake, lamb sausges and fried potato wedges. Those sausages were abit too oily for me but I otherwise love the entire meal.

Someone decided to have lunch instead of brunch of a roasted chicken leg and cannellini beans.

Sis had the burger with that amazing param ham fried egg!

Complimentary toast

And our vegan cousin Chiaps had the vege option which was divine as well.

Just blogging about this makes me wish for the weekend/Sunday to arrive soon and I can have some brunch of my own. This week has been one filled with so many new experiences and sights to see. Takes some time getting used to it and a brand new schedule. Definitely look forward to taking it all in!

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

mayyn meal - Tontei @ NEX

So one of the random simple lunches I had to have during the last weeks at home. Went down to NEX with sis to grab lunch since mama wasnt home. Decided on Tontei, a little Jap place within the Jap cluster in the mall.

Simple curry omu rice which wasn't that great unfortunately. But it was also difficult to serve a terrible  one at that. Just mediocre.

a side of cheese iku balls which was really fried sotong balls with a slice of cheese which wasnt even melted properly across it. Meh.

sounded good on paper, fried roll of pork belly and sausage. However, the waiting time was also not justifiable for something that really wasnt done well at the end of it. Barely tasted the pork belly which was a gross layer of fats around sausages I could have easily unfreeze and cook myself. 

Overall, a meal that filled my tummy but nothing else. At least, I spent some time with my sister?

Mayy's Closet - Night One of CNY

So it has started, my new life chapter. so far sounds like a blur and not much concrete in those plans, ANYWAY, enough of blue dresses this past few days, I shall blog on my outfit that I wore on the first night of CNY. Apparently, I had one too many outfit changes for that one day!

Belbel helped picked out this outfit when we went shopping the other day. Well, I had wanted the top since I saw it at Montifs (a street stall at Bugis Streets). So when I went back we decided on a red maxiskirt to go with it from the same shop. 

Definitely 鸿运当头!

I just really liked the cut and material of the printed crop top. Unfortunately abit too short to wear normally otherwise, I have since brought it back to Perth and hopefully come up with a more casual outfit for uni/classes.

The maxiskirt is also very flowy and satin-ny. Love the roominess of it. 

Went out for our annual KTV session and singing CNY songs, and just doing random things with my closest cousins. Perfect outfit for a KTV session since I can sit cross-legged and generally be comfortable in this! 

Painted the town red is an understatement, with my bright red lips and Zu wedges. Stacked on my wooden and gold bangles from Diva which seemed to work well with my jade bangle. Tied it all together with my black and gold classic nylon tote from Prada.

Here's a very rosy new year!

Friday, February 22, 2013

Time for a Shoestopper!

Guess this is the right time to blog about it eh?

I got this pair from Zu at a discount but at the time I got it I was also struggling alittle since the bills all came in at once too. However I had to have it. I mean, it is perfect colour for CNY and I had always wanted one but could not justify a three figures price tag for it. 

I remember trying it on for fun since like everyone, I thought it would be a challenge to walk in. But the minute I had them on, I knew it was perfection. The truth is, one can comfortably walk in them! With far less pain than sometimes a pair of stilettos can inflict on a girl.

Zu soles are also cushiony and I feel like I am bouncing everytime I walk. Also love the height at which it puts me. I was too tall for my own good.

Oh and one more thing, while you have these shoes on, please dont lean backwards, it is a surefire way to lose your balance and fall. But then again no one walks with their backs bent behind right? This pair of shoes really got me walking stick straight all the time! Good for one's posture!

Mayy's Closet - Day One of CNY

I had been waiting for this day forever! No I am kidding. I just really wanted to wear my new dress! I got it a fair bit earlier back in 2012 just for this occasion so the buildup was abit exciting.

Love the cherry blossom prints and the embossed material.

And a bit of lace ;)

One of the best buys in my closet. It is like my go-to bag every CNY since I got it. A little velvet ball of red goodness!

(Instagram @mayyb) 

And also I was so excited to debut my JefferyCampbell-inspired, Lady Gaga-esque wedges!

Ta-dahh! Red and blue. The flowers are just so CNY. I cant gush enough about it. I hardly wore any accessories with it because the dress and shoes are more than enough.

A close-up of the lace bib front and I had lines my eyes with two shades of blue and kept everything else minimal. Even if the dress is probably wear once kinda thing, its also the kinda dress that you have just for keeps!

mayyn meal - The Living Cafe

Well speaking of reunion dinner, the day before I checked into Marina Bay Sands for another staycation with my cousins. Got a good look into the new Sands Lounge where I go to check in. Hidden from the public's eyes!

was a rainy day so I decided to have a strong black coffee for a late night with my cousins.

Yummy arvo treats!

Managed to squeeze four girls on here. ANYWAY, the next morning after a quick swim, we headed down to the Living Cafe for brunch!

A bit of a shock for my non-vegan cousins but for me and my vegan cousin, we were pretty happy with the selections. Hardcore health food in Singapore is so rare!

Wholemeal Pancakes with mixed fresh fruits. 
It is a bit dry as you can tell but the pancakes were quite good. 

Raw Pizza - more like salad with a base. we had ordered a mushroom one but mushrooms were rare! and I mean, rare. Hardly any to be found underneath that pile of fresh veggos.

The omelette was really good! And the fresh basil pesto so good and just so fresh! Amazing.

The mushroom burger was unusual but good. Healthy and crunchy and still quite yums. The sweet potato fries were different and the coleslaw not that yummy though.

Portions are unusually smaller though and prices are also higher.
I wont probably return because it is so far away for me. But I like the idea of the place.