Thursday, September 29, 2011

Shoestopper #46

YES! SHOES! A wintery post for the other side of the world. Definitely not here down under, these boots are not make for walking in sun...

Wearing my casual furtrimmed cardigan and favourite Zara oversized knitdress with this pair of beige kittenheeled boots.

You can see that it was peeling... The poor thing! I hardly wore it and I even forgot I had it back in SG. I got it a while back for really really cheap when I went to Shanghai to watch Masters Cup (Tennis).

I love Shanghai, I do. First time in a proper China city and I never thought it would feel that way. I remember landing in the city and coming out from the airport, I felt like I've come home in some part of me. My intuitions and feelings hardly lie. It just depends on whether I wanna heed my own advice. Know what I am talking about? haha

Two ways to wearing it as usual. I love my wardrobe to be multi-functional and flexible!

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Prettier this way aint it? They are actually really comfortable and made of soft suede. While you may think beige is such a light colour and difficult to maintain, it somehow allowed me to walk in the rain and still remain pretty.

Unfortunately, the peeling got so bad (must be the heat in SG) and I had to retire it. The kitten heels were comfy and I felt really sad that I couldn't have more time with it. Bye my pretty, maybe one day I will find something just like you...

Till my next shoe-stopping experience, Mayy xo

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