Monday, August 29, 2011

Mayy's Closet #65

SUPER EXCITING NEWS FOR ME! But let's just leave it at that. I am very happy to have received some good news today after a stressful few weeks. And also to be able to do a bit of shopping at the mall, scoring some awesome bargains that I have been waiting so long for. YAY!

Anyway, let's talk clothes some more. This post focuses on an upcoming trend, the pussybow blouse. There are so many kinds in the scene right now, from chiffon to sheer overlay blouse to satin to vintage cloth to prints. I bought my first one and fell in love with it last year from Zara TRF. So well worth the bucks I shelled out for that one...

However, the ones in this post are my bargain buys from Supre recently. Only AUD7.50 each. Unbelievable! I had to get both colours available. Wished they had more colours. Would have bought me a rainbow range!

This is the ivory white satin one. You don't have to tie a bow really, just let loose for abit. A smart casual look.

With grey jeans and my awesome Zara booties.

This is the favourite one out of the two. The classic black satin. Tucked in and carefully tied around the neckline for a more polished look.

Loving the cuffed sleeves and the smooth material on my skin!
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Loving it so so much and I know that they are so easy to wear and dress me up in a flash! I went and bought a new sheer coral watermelon coloured one too. YUMMY! Neons and brights are the way to go this coming spring. LOOK OUT.

Till my next closet raid, Mayy xo

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

M's Food Find #68

The same restaurant featured in Food Find #55, this is part deux because (A)LURE had two parts to their dinner seatings. Before 8pm, they had their 3 course sunset menu available where ala-carte was only available from 8pm onwards.

This time, I got to attend the sunset seating with my family on the first night as it was the closest thing we could have and make our Harry Potter movie in time.

Having these choices, it was not difficult to know what I want and turned out that my combination was not bad choices at all. Here we go!

I got the Chicken Caesar Salad as my entree. I love the cut-up lettuce leaves and generous caesar dressing. Chicken pieces were quite big and tender as well. While it is alittle on the salty side, I totally would not mind having it again and again. There is just something addictive here.

Sis and Mum got the oysters kilpatrick with bacon. Quite like char siew, and the combination was really good. Reminded me of the first oyster I ever had and liked when I was like 5. This entree would be the best value here.

Dad had the fresh ones, similar good value here.

The setting for Mum's Japanese tasting plate for main. Love the chopsticks!

Anyway, my main course was the barramundi which was cooked very very well. Near perfection, melt in your mouth goodness. The fish was fresh and really went well with the mashed potatoes. The cherry truss tomato was fresh and I love the pop in my mouth. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS, even over the beef.

Both Dad and sis got the beef. Nothing to crow about and very chewy. Sis took a million years to eat hers and she wasn't a fan of it.

Mum's Japanese tasting plate for main. She was not impressed and neither was I. I think it is the cheapest one here, so not great for value and if you want Japanese food, go to a Japanese restaurant instead. Dad ordered this for her so she had no choice. She really wanted the barramundi...

Now, time for desserts. Remember my love affair with (A)lure's bakewell tart. So no prizes for guessing my instant dessert choice the minute I saw it was an option here...

With my favourite vanilla bean ice cream, nothing beats this! I SUPER LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS! The tart is really warm and the cake texture is just wonderful. Perfect. Toasted almonds really add a different taste level here, bringing out the buttery flavours.

Sis had the Toblerone ice cream dessert encased in chocolate.

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It came with a melted caramel centre, really quite special and yummy too. A rather good choice.

All in all, it is very well priced for a wonderful three course meal and amazing service as usual. In Burswood, (A)lure is so far the only restaurant I would recommend going over and over.

Till my next food find, Mayy xo
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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Completely Random

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Having had sausages in buns for lunch with the free staff sausage sizzle, really wanted to end things on a sweet note. I had my favourite dried mango snack but really wished I had this box of goodies instead. Sam and Jeanette got it for my birthday this year. As close to a cake I got, but hey not all birthdays gotta be huge or made known.

I had quite the obscure quiet one this year. Oh well. ANYWAY, back to these tarts and yummies, all good all good. I think they got it at Cakes Delight in Canning Highway Applecross. Hmmmm... gonna raid my locker now. LATERS.

Mayy's Closet #64

Happy Tuesday everyone! How are you all doing? Just about 2 more hours to the end of corporate hours. For me, class will start at 530pm. My job, do enjoy it really. But haven't got round to prepping.

Meantime, I'm procrastinating on me research AGAIN. I managed to put it off the whole morning already. So let's do a closet post. Haven't done them in awhile so let's start with something fairly simple.

I got this slightly cropped black gold stripped knit sweater from Dotti in June and worn it out with the girls once. I originally thought it would only be suitable for the nighttime because of the gold bling-ness BUT it proved me wrong, it worked during the day too. Very comfortable and easy to throw on. And not boring at all, totally easy to jazz up the day's outfit.

With skinny jeans, over a black basic tank dress, maxi dress, boob tube. Throw on some heels for a glamour night out in winter or lace flats for a pretty rock look in the day.

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So how are you liking it so far? It has actually been put up for sale on my page at a price I am willing to part with it for. After all, I hope my clothes will find its way to someone who will love them as much as I do.

Till my next closet raid, Mayy xo

Monday, August 15, 2011

M's Food Find #67

I don't know if the Rockpool post has already wished you had a better dinner in front of you tonight but this one will make you wish you had an even better one or perhaps inspire your lunch tomorrow!

Dad wanted seafood while he was here, and since his clients brought him out to Freo, it made no sense to travel there again. So I took them to Kaili's Bro's in Leederville for lunch. We didn't make any reservations but managed to score something since we were kinda early. I can't believe it really was all packed and full when proper lunch hours kicked in and people started arriving. The chitter chatter and buzz really made the place really lively and homely feeling since we had quite a few large families arriving in spite of the corporate set.

They had a live seafood market just next to the restaurant and while you could select the seafood and have them cook for you, the prices are really not worth that extra effort I reckon because the chefs already did quite well in their selections.

One of our entrees was the garlic prawns. AMAZING and with the slightest hint of butter. Very yummy too. Prawns are a tad overcooked but at least they were fresh so it didn't kill the taste too much. The bread that came with was really good in comparison to that of Rockpool and Modo Mio.

Dad just had to have his chilli mussels. These are pretty hot which is good.

Shared this with Mum, the salmon dish. Very generous portion with a good price to it.

Yummy and quite succulent. Well done.

Sis had to have her fish and chips but of course, a better grade compared to Freo's. Light crispy fresh batter is the key I reckon. yumyum, could have had more me and her! haha

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We also ordered the breaded scallops. Ohhhhh, these were so good! One each wasn't enough! The scallops were so fresh and juicy. The hint of butter and garlic and the breaded top bits go so perfectly with the sweetness of the scallops. Top job!

We sat next to the table which ordered the crab linguine which smelled divine! Would have to go back and try that one next. We didn't have any desserts since we were in Leedy and we had San Churros to go to or Green's if you want!

Till my next food find, Mayy xo
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M's Food Find #66

Yes, even when there is so much to do, I managed to procrastinate and spent my whole Sunday in front of the telly. And still feel pretty shitty. ANYWAYS, it is quite an exciting time for Perth's culinary scene with so many amazing new restaurants and chefs taking interest here and many anticipated openings coming up.

Of course, one had already launched in Burswood, ROCKPOOL! Oh yeah. Dad managed to score the family a reservation on pretty short notice and we celebrated Mum's birthday in advance...Let the journey begin!

When you enter the grand looking doors, you are greeted (no not by me) with this long beautiful walkway lighted by candles and glass panels in between. On one side, raw meat (yeuch!) and on the other wine bottles!

The menu by Neil Perry...

Our attentive waitress.

Beautiful lighting behind the couches

Dessert menu! Sorry the photos are all over the place, I had to use sis' camera and mine so the syncing was off.

And no harm in introducing dessert first here. Complimentary from the restaurant, their Devil's Food Cupcake for mama. So worth the money if you were to order this for the dessert. It is what a chocolate cupcake should be. Light moist chocolatey...ooooooooooooooooooo with the right amount of icing there.

Bread and water. Nahhhh, kidding, we had more definitely!

The menu came in a big piece of paper to not sugarcoat it. I really prefer nice bounded copies.

Our seating area. The place is pretty big and spacious within actually and still very nice and private. Perhaps created by the mood lighting...

After the long walkway, that's the 'concierge' with pretty (busty) ladies in beautiful black dresses escorting you to the tables.

Yeah, thats the raw meat in the glass panels to your left.

Dad got the oysters. Well, you can taste the sea and they are fresh. 'Nuff said.

The aged beef ordered by Sis, a tad chewy and she can't help comparing it to her time at CUT by Wolfgang Puck in Singapore. Apparently, Rockpool comes in second but not by a close margin even. UH OH.

Toilet break...


The soup was very nice and whilst it is a creamy kind, it is not too heavy and sits in the mouth very well. I would totally recommend it.

Sis had a good laugh about it, she said kinda makes her feel better she is eating happy animals?! WHAT?!

Another beef on the menu, Dad had this the more expensive one, but swapped with sis I think because it is such a tiny portion. Again, nothing to rave about according to both of them BUT they are really quite spoiled rotten when it comes to beef.

The macaron ice cream sandwich sis ordered for dessert. YUMS. Totally want that but it isnt like A WOW dessert. Banana and refreshing...

You spot the busy clean white bright kitchen when you walk through the candlelitted walkway. Buzzing is the word. But I admired the way how bright and clean it is.

My entree with pork belly. Could very well been my main and I would have walked away from this experience a much happier satisfied customer. But alas, it was not to be. The pork belly is a little chewy but overall I think they did it very well. Paired well with the other ingredients here. Totally recommend this.

One of our side dishes, roasted pumpkin WHICH WAS SUPER GOOD and everyone loved this one. AMAZING, BIG APPLAUSE FOR IT.

Woodfired broccolini....meh.

Spot the bar?

Namecards of Rockpool from all round the world.

LOL. House rules which are so cute! Love the concept.

Mum's coral trout. A tad overcooked but overall very fresh and tender. 6.5/10 but I am a very harsh marker on fish.

My dessert of meringue tart which was too small but tasted quite nice. Not overly sweet. In comparison to cupcake and macaron, this is number 3.

Dad ordered coffee which comes in this cute little alien looking container for sugar. AND CARAMEL POPCORN WHICH REALLY ROCKS. A little 'lao hong' but tasted so fragrant and yummy. I wonder how they do it....drools.....

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Not one of my most organised blogposts but I am in kinda rush hahaha. Not supposed to be on here but I really want to share this with you so who cares if there are repeat photos. Bask in them...

Overall my experience in Rockpool is pretty special because I had my family with me and it was Mum's birthday celebration. Other than that, I have had better dining experiences foodwise and servicewise. Nothing to crow about and definitely not worth the $$$$$$$ one has to shell out here. So I am thankful for this one time experience and I look onwards to Nobu for a better quality experience!

Till my next food find, Mayy xo
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