Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Shoestopper #44

Hello there, my bad. Been away for so long. I also admit that I am addicted/obsessed with my facebook selling page. Its like I am constantly on there just so I can check asap whether or not there is interest on anything.

Anyways, never mind selling something, it opened up a whole new area of shopping. Suffice to say given that now I dont have a lot of time to head down to the shops, I can shop online. OH BOY. It was so hard to sit there and go I MUST NOT GET IT and then move on.

So speaking of which, this pair of shoestopping boots is one that I told myself I MUST NOT GET IT and then caved in eventually.

These boots are made for walking...

Love the pretty prints inside! The boots are made of suede so requires alot of care from me. I spray it with the protection and constantly roller-tape the dust after I wear it. Thinking about it, sometimes I get so lazy to wear it! But I do love it. They are from Novo and so comfortable. Love the height of it but it seemed to always droop down a bit...

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The heels are great height because of the arch of my feet. It fits so I don't feel much pain like when I wear too flat shoes. I guess thats why I love heels. They don't seem to hurt for me for the most part. But flats... I need them for lazy days and recovery days even if they hurt after too much walking.

Oh wells, I love these boots and they are near perfection with the wider mouth and soft fit to my legs. Keep the cold away and keep walking. Pair it with any outfits and look amazing in winter!

Till my next shoe-stopping experience, Mayy xo

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