Wednesday, July 20, 2011

M's Food Find #62

Been craving for sweets the past week before, so during the Freo snack attack trip I made sure to grab one of my favourite things around!

ORGANIC DONUTS within the markets itself, near the fruits and veg area.

They have three different kinds available, the original cinnamon sugar ones being the most basic. A real dark chocolate filled one shaped like a little bomb/football. Super cute and I know friends who are FANS of this particular one. The donuts are all very generously filled with chocolate or very generously filled with the fragrant sweet cinnamon sugar. I am drooling already...

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For me personally, I absolutely adore the blackberry jam donut. It comes warm and the blackberry jam is perfectly sweet with a tinge of berry sourness. Feels so fresh! And I love a warm jam filling. The organic donut itself is very yummy and not chewy and reeks of oil. Fresh is the word I am going to use again here. And the donut itself is soft and I want to use the word, crunchy BUT yeah... hope you know what I mean.

REGARDLESS, when you are in Freo, this donut stand is one place you gotta make a pitstop at. I LOVE THEM DONUTS, krispy kremes what?

Till my next food find, Mayy xo

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