Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Mayy has a shopping regret #5

We have surpassed 300 posts on this blog with Thumper last night! Whooops! But it also means I have been slacking hahaha.

Anyway, a shopping trip to the city with the girls last weekend netted an awesome buy which will soon be revealed. However, it also landed me with a dull heartache.

Would you just look at that pretty sleek thing? I mean thankfully (or not), I have girlfriends righteously guiding me down the non-sinister path and NOT handing over my card at the counter for it. On hindsight, it may have been fortunate as I would have to sell my entire wardrobe to balance out the guilt.

Photos credits:

This pair of stilettos are from Hugo Boss women. The last two pairs, both of which in my size. It has gotta be a sign (I believed). They were HALF OFF, still at AUD350. But STILL. FIFTY PERCENT. Hugo Boss! A chic modern twist on the classic Mary Jane style.

Dear heavens, why must you be so cruel?!

Till my next post, Mayy xo

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