Wednesday, July 6, 2011

M's Food Find #58

With heartache, comes an appetite for food. But all these eating out really burns a big hole in my pocket, even when we compare it to my shopping.

So on the one night where us girls want to go out and have fun still, where can you go to get your tummy filled and still have money left over for a good cake and coffee? It was a night where we could really stretch our dollar.

We ended up at Annalakshmi on the Swan for dinner before chilling at Greens & Co.

This pay-as-you-wish restaurant serves up simple vegetarian Indian fare at one of the prime locations in Perth. Yeah, it really is all you can eat and you can pay however much you wish. I mean be reasonable though. And I have heard of scrupulous diners who escaped out the back door. Please don't do that eh!

Located on the second level and would be gorgeous in the day dining out, overlooking the Swan River. But it was pretty dark that night as you can tell.

Quite a crowd on a Saturday night, a nice buzz and friendly chatter going round.

It is buffet style and have quite a bit of options, like half of Carvers buffet in the casino (which isnt that awesome either). However, we cannot complain. The basmati rice comes in two kinds, yellow and white. White is obviously the healthier choice here. The cute little tin bowl is for the soup. It is spicy and sour and not to everyone's liking. Take a sample and don't waste food.

That's the sitr-fried cabbage and chickpea curry and another vegetable curry. They also serve a small round kind of flatcake. Very bland on its own but goes well with the curries.

That is my plate. Alittle bit of everything. Potato curry is a hit with my friends and I. The stiry-fry is very healthy and crunchy and sweet in its natural taste. Overall, the standard of food is nothing to crow about but it is a good humbling experience for me. We paid about AUD5 per person... There is water and some kind of cordial. Coffee is also available.

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Yes there is even dessert. Some watery milk thing with strong ginger taste. It is definitely NOT something we all liked. Five of us shared one little bowl. Well, we all took a teaspoon and gave the rest to Anna who was the only one who liked it.

Apparently the meal options are usually the same. I quite liked the concept and I would return once in a while I guess. You should give it a go, good for students on a budget ;)

Till my next food find, Mayy xo

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