Sunday, June 26, 2011

M's Food Find #55

An overdue food find post from a couple of weeks back. Anna and I decided to head back down to Burswood and this time we had made our reservation a week in advance for it. After our mixed Sirocco experience, we were hoping for a much better one at (A)lure Restaurant and Bar within the Intercontinental Hotel.

Lovely to be greeted with complimentary canape of a smoked salmon mousse in a little icecream waffle cone. It was just cute and the smoked salmon mousse was very mild. Not overpoweringly fishy.

Way better table settings and properly served with linen across our laps.

Presented with the bread plate. Two different ones to share. The lighter looking one was chock full of olives and gave the bread a boost of saltiness and flavour. The darker brown one in the foreground was pumpkin seeds (I think?) had a harder crust but the insides were moist in comparison. Tastes better with the butter.

Anna ordered the lamb rack, about AUD48?

With brie cheese and a mashed potato side. The lamb was perfectly cooked and tender. Lovely pink and properly done in medium. The brie cheese is a perfect touch to the lamb, just adds this garlicky creamy aftertaste.

I ordered the roasted pork belly. No-brainer because I love my pork belly. It was topped generously with a skewer of five AMAZINGLY sweet scallops and a side of mashed potatos with a crust.

Finished with mustard on the side.

price was about AUD42?

The skin was properly crunchy and the meat was properly layered with the right amount of fats. Tender and absorbed the braised flavour well. The sweetness of scallops properly complimented the salty pork.

After such satisfaction, we asked for the dessert menu and took us a while to decide.

The decision: The Bakewell tart with vanilla bean ice cream. I was sold on the ice cream bit.

What a pretty little sight. Don't let that unimpressive looking thin rectangular piece of tart fool you by the way.

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The tart was in the perfect temperature, warm and delicious. The vanilla bean ice cream was fragrant and creamy. I love the tart, so much. I wish I had the whole thing and more. The toasted almonds gave the cake-y bit a kick, and that is saying alot because I generally am not a fan of almonds. I would go back and pay AUD17 for it again.

The setting was very dim and very classy. The service was attentive and professional. Overall, levels above that of Sirocco in all aspects. Prices are abit more expensive but well worth every cent and penny more. We used the one-for-one deal for our maincourse with the entertainment book and paid about AUD32 per person. What a steal. I thoroughly enjoyed my alluring experience at (A)lure.

Till my next food find, Mayy xo

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