Thursday, June 23, 2011

Mayy's Closet UP FOR SALE!

Hi ladies! Whoever is passing through this blog or reading it, I have made the wise but very painful decision to put my beloved closet up for sale. Not all of it but most of my party dresses which are either BRAND NEW or worn only once. They are currently selling on facebook pages in Australia and I have also just started agreeing to doing postage services. eBay is still sorting out my account issues so that will take me a week or two to set up shop there.

Brand new dresses have been put up on sale because frankly, I am not opening a clothes museum and I don't have time to wear all of my extensive dressy, ballgown, cocktail gowns, party dresses. Don't ask me why I bought them in the first place. I have only one reason to offer you: I am a hoarder. There, I said it.

Worn only once because I have this NASTY habit of wearing a party dress out for the night and I move on. It is like this fashion show, once is plenty. So I rather sell it to someone who will treasure it more than I do. Besides, responsibilities will soon dictate a decline in party nights for me. Those who know me can tell you I keep everything I own, especially shoes and clothes in pristine condition. Everything is cleaned and lined properly. Yes, I am also obsessive compulsive.

So please help me in becoming more responsible in my choices by purchasing something lovely for YOURSELF from me. The prices may be stated but make an offer because the chances are high that I will take it. Some of my stuff are still in Singapore but once I managed to bring them over, I will add more to the FOR SALE pile. Treat yourself this time round, because I treat myself too much and would love to share the joy. Pick up a bargain or three! ;)

Here are the links, enjoy:
Fashion for Sale - Perth
Cleaning out the closet
Clothes for Sale - Perth
Clothes For Sale - Perth WA
Clothing for SALE - Perth WA
Clothes for sale Perth
Clothes For Sale W.A

The items for sale are all the same for each page but I have included all because sometimes the pages get shut down for some reason or other. As long as the photos are up, the items are still available =)

Till my next closet raid, Mayy xo


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  2. oh awesome. thanks clement x (although frying an egg to me isnt the simplest of things!)