Tuesday, May 10, 2011

M's Food Find #41

Got a text message from Sam R. a couple of weeks back saying Chiara is going to be back in town! I missed the last one she was here so I was NOT going to miss this one. After getting Kath to say yes, we planned for a Wednesday night out last week for drinks and dinner catching up.

Ended up at the Generous Squire pub at the other end of Shafto Lane. Rather near the Burger Bistro. We were asked for ID and stamped. Goodness me. I thought I was dressed very maturely. It is a compliment I guess. Hahaha! I wore the Bardot dress in Mayy's Closet #1 and Shoestopper #1. Felt invincible with the bangs and eyeliner. Allow me some narcissism here.

Anyway on to the food, we eventually decided to stay on at the Squire for dinner. We were all having drinks and catching nicely anyway. With a food menu spread out in front of us, we didnt really need to break the good vibes up. After all, pub grub in Perth is actually good! So I didn't feel like I was being shortchanged or anything. And the Squire is such a nice business people vibe place. Pretty nice and sophisticated. I like it.

I ordered a special not on the regular menu: the tasting plate. Yes, that amazing looking spread there was all for me alone. And it only costs me AUD20. I thought it was so well worth it and just simply, really awesome. For lack of a better word. Oh and so generous too.

There were 2 big arborio rice balls which were very nicely done. The rice was nicely cooked through and held together. The flavours were just nice and sort of felt like egg fried rice/risotto. The salt and pepper calamari rings are quite the STARS on the plate. Very lightly battered and you can still actually see the calamari rings. Sweetness there with a hint of salt. So good. You have to try it to believe it. The vegetable frittata is quite measly and abit too mushy for my liking. But I will not complain further. I had 2 rather big battered fish instead of one because I don't eat beef and I traded in the beef skewers for it. The fish size was like any ordinary fish and chips' fish. So it is such a bargain really at AUD20 for the amount of food and the quality.

Cannot wait till I can go back for it! Anyway, my companions also had dinner. Chiara and husband ordered a tasting plate to share. Yes yes, they shared and I had one to myself. Whatevs. Maddy had the pizza which was good I suppose since she finished it. Sam R. had the lamb rump which I initially wanted and it sure looks yummy. Huge portions though.

We finished up dinner leisurely and a lot of laughter in between. I finally bid goodbye at 9pm and walked back to my car alone. Past King Street and all the lovely shops. Along the cobbled stones walkway. Feeling like I am the only one in the world and oh so oooo-la-la pretty. Yes, I am just being honest. Took a few photos I thought I would share.

At Zomp. It is like playground for women. Wheeeee.

And more...spot the leopard prints one I wanted.

Photos credits: mayydiaries.blogspot.com

Past Linney's and saw this cute set! Awwww, look at the elaborate roses. Wow. I would like one of those please. LOL.

And I walked past Louis Vuitton and surprised they were open. And then I saw a sign saying it is a private function. Wow. Wish I could have snucked in. So pretentious, me. LOL. Alas. Only a lowly commoner. HAHAHA.

Till my next food find, Mayy xo

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