Saturday, April 30, 2011

Shoestopper #30

Well, I did say there will be shoe talk! How can I not right? So I decided on this pair because I was chatting with Li Jia about what shoes I should wear for dinner tonight with my friends. And she suggested, based on the dresses I had in mind, a gold based pair. I immediately thought of this but alas, it is no longer part of my shoe collection since last year when I wore it out.

Nevertheless, one of my favourite colours, one of my favourite kinds of shoe designs, translating into a favourite pair of shoes. A buy in Far East Plaza years ago, from a shop in Level One opposite Mondo. I cannot remember its name but I sure know where it is.

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Doesnt she look sleek? It is a little bright and shiny and reflective patent but that's the way I like it! A good height for walking around in. I just LOVE the pointed front and the detail at the sides of it (see the sharp angle?).

I remember my heart breaking when I saw the faux patent leather cracking as I broke into the pair of heels. But the cracks gave it character and soften the shoes. At first the front was too pointed and pinched my toes but I soon got used to it. I guess it helped in shaping my feet front to not be so spread out.

I will always continue looking for another pair like it but am pretty sure, I won't be able to in a long while find something quite like it and at the price range (if I recall right, below SGD30).

Till my next shoe-stopping experience, Mayy xo

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