Sunday, April 10, 2011

M's Food Find #36

The group of us went out for lunch after class on Friday as usual. Thankfully, it was a short class and we were all starving. Headed to an Indonesian restaurant in Victoria Park, Batavia Corner Restaurant since it was at the corner of the strip. Fuss-free menu, quite a few people in the place. I guess it does show the food must be pretty good? I heard from the boys the Ayam Bakar Bali is good. For me, the sambal sounds tempting. Anything hot is fine by me.

I don't think they will be pleased at having this shot posted but I am taking that chance that they don't read the blog. After all, I actually don't know who reads this anyway. Those are the two jolly jokers, Steven on the left, Jeremy on the right. And the counter where you order your food behind them.

Food takes quite a while to be served to you. Maybe there's only one cook out the back. I ordered some yellow rice combination but I can't tell you how it tasted. Because I didn't end up having it! Haha. For AUD9.90, it looked pretty worth it. I had the ayam penget set which was good I supposed. The dish was served piping hot. Not something I would go for over and over again, but I know where to go now if I suddenly have the craving.

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That's the only food photo I took because frankly, I was too hungry to care anymore when it was my turn. Haha, nah I forgot abt taking a photo... Overall, you should go try it if you are running out of places to go in Perth.

Till my next food find, Mayy xo

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