Monday, March 21, 2011

Today, Mayy...

How was your weekend been? I spent most of mine cooped up in the house, watching telly 45% of the time if I am not online... I know boring but I do need to recoup energy for uni on the weekdays. Also, I am not feeling at the peak of my health and emotionally either too. Looking through some of the photos I have and saw this one...

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I took this photo a few years back because I wanted to capture the sense of peace I felt at that moment in time. How quiet Singapore was, how peaceful I felt with the stillness and being on the overhead bridge, I felt I was closer to the heavens.

Even to this day, I love being on a new overhead bridge without shelter in Singapore at night. I always feel peaceful there. And that's all I wish for at this moment. That after a tumultous few previous months, I will eventually find that clean ending I've been looking for and move on in peace and find peace.

Till the coin purses, Mayy xo

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