Saturday, March 26, 2011

M's Food Find #31

It's been such a mentally exhaustive day until I got a bbm from Charlene about dinner tonight. So in a bid to be less lazy, I agreed even though I was so tired and just left my work. Showered and dressed in record time, grab my bag and keys and hopped into Jesse. Drove down to Willeton to pick her up. We initially wanted to go down to Ipoh Garden at Canning Highway, Applecross. When we were walking down towards it, we spotted a nicely lit brown sign and a buzzing italian restaurant across the road.

Being the curious person I am, I said we will just go over for a look. We headed in and decided on eatng there. Left our name with the Italian mama at the front, and waited for less than 10/15 minutes before we got our table. No reservations can be made which is fair I suppose.

Spaghi Ristorante Italiano, just at the Canning Highway start into Applecross and near the Raffles sailing club.

The number for you if you've got queries. The address is 888 Canning Highway, Applecross, WA 6153.

We were seated at the top near the bar where people could wait for their turn. Very smart idea. Anyway, the ambience was really lovely and relaxed. We did not feel like anyone was being rushed, the lights were nice and warm. It was crowded but we could all still have our conversations quite nicely. Wonderful, quite different from Ciao Italia. Perhaps a more upmarket sort of feel. Most people dressed up for a meal here.

This is where we were seating, with the open concept kitchen and a woodfired pizza oven firing up at the back. We were there at about 6ish/7pm, early diners here! The people also kept streaming in but the turnovers were pretty fast.

The menu.
Entree. We didn't get any, but the second one looked really good! I cannot wait to go back for it.

Pasta courses, I ordered the first one and Char the fourth. I am just so excited to read that there are heart-shaped, star-shaped, sunflower-shaped pasta!

The dessert menu which is separate. We ordered the first one but I cannot wait to head back to try the tiramisu and the pizza dolce. Unfortunately, they didn't have a daily special that day.

My pasta dish. It was quite salty but the portion was just right. I managed to finish it and I wished there was more of the asparagus. I really liked the sauce too.

The stuffed sunflower shaped pasta! The cheese filling was so good.

Charlene was craving for broccoli so she got this. Very light and healthy. She couldn't finish it but still I felt the dish was not overloaded.

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THE DESSERT! Rum baba cake with the sundae. We were really just curious with the rum baba cake. It was a round piece of sponge cake soaked through with rum. The taste of rum is so strong so you will like it only if you are a fan. If not, I would rather you order something else. The crushed nougat in the ice cream was super yummy too. Wish there were more generous sprinkling of crushed nougat.

With a bottle of spring water, the bill came up to $63. I guess that is a pretty fair price at a place like this with good food. I am already planning for a second visit! Cannot wait to try the other stuff. I really enjoyed my first visit with such wonderful service too and a whole of eye candies - hot chicks and hot guys. Yummy. Hahahaha. If you are looking for somewhere new to go to, here's one for you! But don't head down when you are starving because you will have to wait. It's gotta be a nice relaxed night. Like tonight, with a favourite girlfriend, catching up and a whole lot of familiar smiles and laughter.

Till my next food find, Mayy xo

P.S. Let me know how your experience was at Spaghi's if you do visit! Tell me what you ordered and if it is any good!

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