Saturday, March 19, 2011

M's Food Find #30

Last one for the day before I retire for the night! A new food place we tried out tonight for dinner. We always seem to have to rack our brains when we want to go out in Perth. Nothing new really and if new, it hardly impresses us... Nevertheless, read on for our The Moon adventure in Northbridge (next to Dominos)!

I thought this was just for show, but you can actually sit right in the front window for a drink and chat with your friends!

It is quite dark in this picture but this was out back in the restaurant and filled with kitschy stuff and mismatched antiques.

A quirky sort of hangout, something different in Perth.

That's their food menu with quite abit of choices as it is double-paged. I saw quite a few people ordering finger food to go with their drinks. No one really ordered dinner food like we did...

That is the Creamy Prawn Fettucine! I am happy to report the prawns were fresh but the fettucine and cream sauce are nothing to rave about.

A pretty different sort of pasta: Blue, Pumpkin and Thyme Fettucine. We didn't know it was going to be a cream-based one but it is. The pumpkin gave this dish a sweetness and the I can really taste the thyme. An odd combination which should be cooked well in the right circumstances. However, the chef is probably having his off day or something.

The Large Calamari came in mainly shoestring fries and salad. A pathetic amount of fried calamari but SO DELICIOUS. You just wish they were more generous here. I mean, shoestring fries were really good with their mayo sauce and the salad was fresh and the salad dressing was so so good too. BUT when I order calamari, I expect CALAMARI not fries and salad...

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And of course, how can we NOT have dessert? We ordered the chocolate pizza which came with walnuts as well. It looked good with a thin crust when it came. Unfortunately, it stopped short. The crust was not crispy and quite tough to chew on. The walnuts and chocolate had a really good aroma going on but the pizza base really is a letdown.

Four of us paid $71.50 for it and I suppose that is quite reasonable. We didn't even manage to finish the pasta which we had to do a takeaway. The restaurant had quite good service. It also runs on a tab basis so be sure to have a credit card or driver's licence for them. Overall, it is not an experience I would be rushing to go back for.

We ended the night a little disappointed because we didn't know where else we could go. That's our problem always, plan for dinner then we end up going home if we have no game plan after because there is just no place else to head to and someone is bound to leave their identification at home... But hey, I guess I get to blog for you eh? Hope you are having a good night!

Till my next food find, Mayy xo

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