Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Mayy's Closet #16

Ahhh, mid-week, the smell of the weekend looms near. My presentation in on Friday and as abnormal as any student can be, I AM SO EXCITED to present on Contracting Theory for 40 minutes. That's right, 4. 0. FORTY! Anyway, I am done with my meetings for the day and before I head back home to critique more literature. A closet post.

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The focus is obviously on the Roxy maroon kaftan. I got that from a magazine promotion, Dolly or Girlfriend in Australia? Yes, that's when I buy magazines, when I like what they are giving away for that month. This kaftan may not be of the best material after a few washes already. But I still do my best to preserve it. It's now back in Singapore and I wore it over my bikini when I head to the beach or the pool on a resort/cruise vacation.

I like this kaftan because of its bohemian influence and billowy sleeves. Just wear a white (if you are not feeling so dark) or black tanktop with leggings or shorts. Pair that with a brown belt to define the waist/hips (as if any girl wants to define the hips HA HA HA). You are ready to rock the gold/brown flat sandals for a date with the girlfriends or looking half-way decent on a summer vacation. I chose this closet post because I looked like that today morning, not enough sleep yet still having the energy to come across as semi-alright. YAWN.

The semester proves to be challenging and looks to be even more jam-packed with new prospects on the horizon. Not that I am complaining because I know at the end of it all, it is for my own good! Goodness me, I am turning into my mother.

Till my next closet raid, Mayy xo

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