Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Completely Random

I am procrastinating on my work. Supervisor just came and told me I should switch my presentation slides around and thinking about cutting down on some information. So here's a random post on one of the car brands I love: Porsche. Don't you just love that sweet signature rear-end of the Porsches?
Photo credits:
That's the one I saw outside Orchard Parade Hotel, Singapore. A matte black coloured one. First matte colour I saw and I fell in love with Porsches again. Photo credits: somewhere on Google as I have kept this in my photobank for years now. Look at that gorgeous sunset and mountaineous view. Ahhhh, wouldn't that be a luxury if I get to drive to such a sunset in such a sweet car?

Photo credits: Disney/Pixar
This was my wallpaper on my old laptop for awhile. She really embodies what a Porsche is to me. So sexy, sassy and smart with this hint of cheekiness. Sally is the cutest Car in Cars!

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