Friday, February 25, 2011

Today, Mayy...

Today, Mayy is staying home in the covers from an exceedingly hot day. She has done her chores and her laundry is hanging out to dry. Uni starts next week and it is important to feel ready and rested for it.

While I am sort of rested and bored (therefore should be ready), I am nursing a case of homesickness which is getting better, I am glad to be able to report that. However, personal issues are taking a toll on me at the moment. This blog is my escape. The nightly webcam sessions with Mummy forces me to suck it up and put on a happy face. So give me time and heavens help that I resolve my problems soon, and have the courage to make all the right decisions.

Photo credits:

This photo was taken a while back when I went to Auckland, New Zealand for 3 days to visit my aunt and uncle who lives there. This swing set is in their front yard and I still remember sitting on it and feeling all was right in the world. It was where I felt home for abit and at peace.

And that's what I want at the moment, to have peace and to be able to focus and concentrate on my education. To have abit of silence but not the lonely kind of silence. The silence where you are comfortable with everything, and yourself. Here's hoping everyone finds their inner peace.

Till the note pads, Mayy xo

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