Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Shoestopper #15

It has been an unbearably hot day here in Perth and I had an appointment in the city I cannot wear a mini skirt to. So what do I do? Find myself a dress made out of the light silk/satin material of length long enough to be presentable yet short enough to be cool. I would say, it's mid-thigh.

Wearing heels will be silly too, because breaking out in sweat is never a good look. So I slipped on one of my many comfortable pairs of Rubi flats. I have retired quite a few pairs in the recent couple of years because they spoil so fast. But for 5 or 10bucks a pop, I really don't mind. It is just that I sometimes grow so attached to one particular coloured pair, it becomes harder to dump it...

That's the one I wore today when I first bought it. Doesnt look it in the photo but it is actually a very light pink. Looking so stiff and pristine and shiny. I like them when they have been slightly broken into and looking well-worn.

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Now THAT is looking more than slightly well-worn when I took it. It is a different pair I had last year, which sis can also wear. It was being worn by the 3 ladies of the house. It looks similar but this one is actually more pink with that pretty girly insole design. I love it and I wish they had a pair with the floral prints on the outside!

I like both these pairs because of the colour and how it makes me feel so light-footed. A little like a ballet dancer! So pretty and feminine. Good to soften the jeans look, good for complementing a girly dress. Unfortunately, both pairs have been retired. The lighter pink only just today... =(

Some friends don't like Rubi shoes because they are either too flat or they wear out too fast. Well, I like that they are flat because I walk very fast in them and it is just so easy to slip into and still look quite presentable. If they are too flat, do what my aunt does and put insoles in them. In Singapore, you can buy the insoles for only $2 at Daiso. If you think they wear out too fast, buy the sale ones and then you feel less guilty! Besides, fashion changes fast.

How do you like the Rubi flats? Are they cheap thrills or cheap-o?

Till my next shoe-stopping experience, Mayy xo

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