Monday, February 21, 2011

Shoestopper #13

For my sister who loves the number 13! =)

Like I said we were talking about the impending Taipei trip, which led to Nike Dunks, which led me to ask her if I should bring a LOUDER pair of sneakers instead? Turns out she wants a pair too. Guess it's time and an excuse for me to go shopping now ;) What colour you want, woman? I know she wants one to match her blue and yellow Billabong hoodie jacket. Which is a darker shade of blue and yellow compared to the one below...

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TA DAH! Didn't think I would have a liking to these kind of chunky sneakers right, after all that sleek stilettos and high heels? Well, I do. I love them but because I hardly wear them, I don't think I can justify them. I would really like to have a collection of sneakers. I can imagine a sneaker and high-tops wall in my house...

Coming back to reality, this Gravis high-top pair was bought in Dec 2010 in Perth during the start of the summer sales. I was walking along the shops and passed Waves surfshop at Carousel. I knew I was so going to get it because at AUD49, they are a steal. I also cannot deny that the colour combination here ranks among top 3 of favourite colour combis. LOVE IT and have yet to wear it out. Erm, but who cares.

Totally funky and definitely shoe-stopping!

Till my next shoe-stopping experience, Mayy xo

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