Sunday, February 27, 2011

Prints One

A new blog segment added! I am always buying stuff because of one detail I really liked on that piece. It may be the t-shirt print or the cut or a a certain design. So I thought I would blog about it and it will help me to stop buying unnecessary things by just taking a photo of it in the shops. Do you have such a problem too? I am a mayyjah hoarder (oops...).

Photo credits: Zara,
It has been a pretty tough few months, and even tougher few days. Making a difficult decision and then, not having things go according to plan. Why does the heart be ever so complicated?

I really like the simple print above, like how I love all things black and white. I did not buy this top because I know I was not a fan of the cut and to pay quite a few pretty pennies for the print...Hmmmm. Not a smart shopping investment eh? So I made the right choice.

But is it ever easy to make the right choice? Is it ever easy to identify which is the right choice? Since when do you not doubt yourself? Since when there are no doubts? Are things ever juts black and white? Or do you see the grey areas in between too?

I find it pretty accurate the word Love was in between the 2 hands forming the heart shape. Because love does take two hands to clap. Give and take. Finding the right balance. Oh heart, tell me what you desire...

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