Sunday, February 27, 2011

Completely Random

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It is so so so HOT and dry and SUNNY out here in Perth today that I get such a headache just being out there. Whoo. Even after a swim in the pools, it is still unbearable. That's why it is so easy to be tan here in summer but when it is winter, I am as fair as can be.

I thought it will be really nice if I could have one of these on days like this. Cool cold shaved ice, so light and yummy. With my favourite juciy azuki red beans. YUM. This one I had back in 2008 in one of the NTU canteens. Green tea shaved ice with condensed milk and azuki beans. Too bad I don't study there, otherwise I will head down there in a heartbeat. Friends studying there in NTU, tell me is it still around? Which canteen is it in?

M's Food Find #25

The 25th food find! I thought I would do something very special and close to my heart. And I am not kidding when I say I head there nearly every other week when I am in Singapore, especially when I am in town with Mummy. It's our number one place to go to.

Not a fancy place but the food more than makes up for anything. I have been eating here since I was a little kid and I remember how it used to be at and how it has grown. In a very unglam mall of Orchard Road, on Level 6 of Lucky Plaza, in between Paragon and Tangs, there is a yong tau foo stall rightly named My Favourite Cafe.

The queue at lunch time is pretty crazy and long! It can snake right down the corridors and people are just waiting patiently. I can be one of them. However, the times you can head down with a higher possiblity of short queues are before 12.30pm and after 2.30pm. In between, there is the working crowd so whoo, don't go when you have a rumbling tummy. In fact, if you get there and feel like giving up, there is always the ayam penget stall across from it. Can get pretty long queue too that so ahhhh...and the seats are limited at this stall. In fact, the yong tau foo used to be there before it got too popular and moved to bigger premises.

Here we go, the spread of the yong tau foo stall. It may not seem much and may get abit dizzying to have to choose when you get there. But once I tell you what to order, I'm sure you will be alright and satisfied. Ahhh the sight of the purple bowls and the smell always make me so very happy. Even when I am down and sad about something or especially having to come back to Singapore.

What to order?! See the fried meatballs at the bottom left hand side of the photo above. Yeah THAT. The mushrooms in front of it is also good, they are so juicy and flavourful. And I don't like mushrooms. Those are top 2 items. And there are the usual items for me: ladyfinger, bittergourd, fried taukee (beancurd skin), maybe an egg tofu, the small quail eggs (but I no longer eat it because of religion), the seafood roll which has quite a few kinds so take your pick here.

Now, the noodles and vegetables and sauce parts. Noodles: Go for the kway teow for something nua-er or softer and healthier. Go for meepok for something chewy and filling. It is a very big bowl of noodles so I ask for LESS. You can ask for kangkong or bean sprouts. I go for bean sprouts because I like the crunch and how the sauces play well with it. Sauces: The chilli can get quite hot so yeap, you can ask for the sweet sauce and if you really want some chilli, just get a separate dish for it. I go for the dry version of yong tau foo because soup is just boring. However, their soup is really good and sweet. Yums. Not bland at all.

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So there is my bowl! That will cost you around or slightly over $5. Which is a small price to pay for the goodness. Yeah, that's my last bowl before I came back here this time. Hence, the 3 meatballs. Hahaha.

I am NOT kidding. Go NOW. Maybe not today sunday but yeah. GO. No regrets. EVER. Even if you don't eat yong tau foo usually. Also, queue for food first. Don't worry about getting a seat because they will get you seats after. No comfort seating here. Its all about the food.

Till my next food find, Mayy xo

Prints One

A new blog segment added! I am always buying stuff because of one detail I really liked on that piece. It may be the t-shirt print or the cut or a a certain design. So I thought I would blog about it and it will help me to stop buying unnecessary things by just taking a photo of it in the shops. Do you have such a problem too? I am a mayyjah hoarder (oops...).

Photo credits: Zara,
It has been a pretty tough few months, and even tougher few days. Making a difficult decision and then, not having things go according to plan. Why does the heart be ever so complicated?

I really like the simple print above, like how I love all things black and white. I did not buy this top because I know I was not a fan of the cut and to pay quite a few pretty pennies for the print...Hmmmm. Not a smart shopping investment eh? So I made the right choice.

But is it ever easy to make the right choice? Is it ever easy to identify which is the right choice? Since when do you not doubt yourself? Since when there are no doubts? Are things ever juts black and white? Or do you see the grey areas in between too?

I find it pretty accurate the word Love was in between the 2 hands forming the heart shape. Because love does take two hands to clap. Give and take. Finding the right balance. Oh heart, tell me what you desire...

Friday, February 25, 2011

M's Movie Choice #4: Mean Girls

Sometimes, it's nice to sit at home and watch a movie that you really liked from years back. Mean Girls came out in 2004, I was a growing teen in 2004. And I guess the movie really spoke to me because 4 years in a girls' school? You have to grow and survive inevitable rumours and back gossip. Not saying I am a total angel because I am not. It's just, you think it is harmless to speak about stuff or say something about someone...But if you actually take a step back and think about how you would feel if you knew people were doing it.

So watching this again, I feel that I need to say sorry and totally learn to be better at the not talking and judging. Yeah.

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All the preaching aside, I like some of the clothes these girls wear in the movie and Regina's room is AWESOME. And having watched recent movies Amanda Seyfried did, it is hilarious seeing her play such a dumb blonde in this. Lindsay Lohan, she really looks pretty and healthy here. So I'm just hoping the girl gets well and be at the top of her game. Tina Fey's just funny. Rachel McAdams' really pretty too.

And girls, be yourself. You'll find someone who appreciates you for that.

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Jonathan Bennett, what's a girly movie without some sort of eye candy eh? Yeahh, look at those eyes and killer grin. And a hint of shyness about him. So who wouldn't fall for that?

I really don't have to say too much about Mean Girls the movie. You all secretly like it too ;)

Till my next movie mood, Mayy xo

M's Food Find #24

I've been mentioning that there is an Italian restaurant near my place in Singapore. So I thought I would blog about it today. Because there are 2 types of comfort food I like: Porridge/congee and Risotto. And Cacio e Pepe (4 Roachdale Road, Singapore) makes my favourite risotto which I can get almost anytime I want when I am back. It is around Upper Paya Lebar, opposite AUPE and in the Tai Keng Gardens neighbourhood. It is quite accessible by public transport or car and there is free parking around it.

Anyway, I knew the chef who started it and most of the people running it. They are a really friendly bunch and they do their best to accomodate your requests for the food. So I love the personal touches.

For the past 2 Chinese New Years, my maternal extended family gathers here for dinner during the visit to my place. They love it, and it's a breath of fresh air from the constant chinese food.

Without further ado, my favourite thing to order (and it's not on the menu) is the Four Cheeses Risotto.

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It is very very cheesy and I really don't have to tell you that. However, I like the rice cooked just right with a bit of bite and yet so soft and mushy all round. Good for times you are so tired and lazy yet you want good food.

What else should you order when you are there? The portobello entree is outstanding. The foil-wrapped seafood pasta cooked aglio olio style is simply delicious. This is in the menu as tomato/spicy based but you can ask for aglio olio style. Fried calamari entree, I like the fried part alot, and the sauce! Lava cake with rum or without is also good way to end the meal. As for the pizza, I like the very simple prosciutto pizza with rocket leaves. The mushroom risotto is also good.

And there you have it. A little neighbourhood restaurant in not the glammest setting but just good food, good company, good service and a very good ambience. In one of the girls' words, sometimes you just want a place with good food yet you can have it with your hair wet just after a shower in your casual clothes.

Till my next food find, Mayy xo

Today, Mayy...

Today, Mayy is staying home in the covers from an exceedingly hot day. She has done her chores and her laundry is hanging out to dry. Uni starts next week and it is important to feel ready and rested for it.

While I am sort of rested and bored (therefore should be ready), I am nursing a case of homesickness which is getting better, I am glad to be able to report that. However, personal issues are taking a toll on me at the moment. This blog is my escape. The nightly webcam sessions with Mummy forces me to suck it up and put on a happy face. So give me time and heavens help that I resolve my problems soon, and have the courage to make all the right decisions.

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This photo was taken a while back when I went to Auckland, New Zealand for 3 days to visit my aunt and uncle who lives there. This swing set is in their front yard and I still remember sitting on it and feeling all was right in the world. It was where I felt home for abit and at peace.

And that's what I want at the moment, to have peace and to be able to focus and concentrate on my education. To have abit of silence but not the lonely kind of silence. The silence where you are comfortable with everything, and yourself. Here's hoping everyone finds their inner peace.

Till the note pads, Mayy xo

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Completely Random

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On such a hot day, all I want is something refreshing and be able to relax with. I remember having this chilled Avocado Beancurd in year 2008 at Bugis' Crystal Jade with my mum and aunt and cousin.

And the little jelly things, when I was younger, my uncles used to call them frog's eggs. I believed him! Eeks. And had little tadpoles in my tummy. Yeuch!

Shoestopper #15

It has been an unbearably hot day here in Perth and I had an appointment in the city I cannot wear a mini skirt to. So what do I do? Find myself a dress made out of the light silk/satin material of length long enough to be presentable yet short enough to be cool. I would say, it's mid-thigh.

Wearing heels will be silly too, because breaking out in sweat is never a good look. So I slipped on one of my many comfortable pairs of Rubi flats. I have retired quite a few pairs in the recent couple of years because they spoil so fast. But for 5 or 10bucks a pop, I really don't mind. It is just that I sometimes grow so attached to one particular coloured pair, it becomes harder to dump it...

That's the one I wore today when I first bought it. Doesnt look it in the photo but it is actually a very light pink. Looking so stiff and pristine and shiny. I like them when they have been slightly broken into and looking well-worn.

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Now THAT is looking more than slightly well-worn when I took it. It is a different pair I had last year, which sis can also wear. It was being worn by the 3 ladies of the house. It looks similar but this one is actually more pink with that pretty girly insole design. I love it and I wish they had a pair with the floral prints on the outside!

I like both these pairs because of the colour and how it makes me feel so light-footed. A little like a ballet dancer! So pretty and feminine. Good to soften the jeans look, good for complementing a girly dress. Unfortunately, both pairs have been retired. The lighter pink only just today... =(

Some friends don't like Rubi shoes because they are either too flat or they wear out too fast. Well, I like that they are flat because I walk very fast in them and it is just so easy to slip into and still look quite presentable. If they are too flat, do what my aunt does and put insoles in them. In Singapore, you can buy the insoles for only $2 at Daiso. If you think they wear out too fast, buy the sale ones and then you feel less guilty! Besides, fashion changes fast.

How do you like the Rubi flats? Are they cheap thrills or cheap-o?

Till my next shoe-stopping experience, Mayy xo

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

M's Food Find #23

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Akashi Japanese Restaurant (Orchard Parade Hotel)

They have one of the freshest best sashimi around and my favourite restaurant is the one at Orchard Parade Hotel. For somewhere more convenient, there is also Paragon.

I miss pork belly and Akashi serves one of the fattiest version around. I like the mustard pairing too. Oh goodness, I want to go home now. I always make it a point to head down to Akashi at least once whenever I go back and order everything/the usual. Salmon belly sashimi, grilled salmon head, grilled yellowtail cheek, garlic fried rice... Sit by the sushi counter and have a chat with their friendly sushi chefs. Hi Chef Aaron.

Pop next door to Aka-noya for an authentic Japanese robata-yaki experience. Hands clapping at 8pm! Hehe. Cute.

Make your reservations beforehand will also be a smart and wise move.

Till my next food find, Mayy xo

Shoestopper #14

After 2 sneakers posts, I have a very strong urge to blog about a pair of heels. But let's not go extreme with skyscraping ones. We will stay comfortable, near ground level at 2inches.

Women always need a few pairs in their wardrobe they don't particularly love too much but they must be wearable on a daily basis and very versatile. It should take you from a dull day at work, to a fun dinner with your loved one or the girlfriends! Unlike clothes, you cannot layer your shoes and take off a certain part of it to uncover a shorter hemline or sparkly top.

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And here was such a pair in my shoe collection! Not too high for work yet the thin silver heels make it look sexy and fun. It is a classic pair of white pumps, but with a black twist on your heels. So it really can go with anything! The zigzag design also cuts at the right places to un-dull the look and break the monotony. What more can you ask for? Comfort, yes this pair is. And can be made even more so with insoles.

I am just in love with the zigzag design, sort of a winged look no? So when I chanced upon it during the same trip as shoestopper #11 (or was it a separate trip to Macau and inevitably, crossing over to Zhu Hai for some cheap retail therapy), I had to get it. It wasn't expensive too, I can't remember but probably at around SGD10.

I wore it out clubbing a few times back in SG, so erm, the white parts were not so white anymore. So being extremely guilty about my extensive collection, I had to remove it from the collection recently. Here's to finding another pair like it in the near future! Do YOU have any pair of shoes in your collection that takes you from day to night?

Till my next shoe-stopping experience, Mayy xo

Kitchen Venture #7: Pan fried basil pesto salmon and Cold Soba part 5

Rightey-o, let's wrap up the Cold Soba series with my very first version and favourite one! It definitely requires more work than the other versions in the previous parts. I would suggest also that you do this on the day you prepare your cold soba. So maybe it is slightly hot, warm soba. But I can always tell you how to make it cold in a short amount of time. Leave it in the fridge on a separate plate on top of ice cubes!

Preparation for the salmon pieces:

1. Salmon with skin on will give you more texture because of the crispy skin at the end of it. Do wash the fish properly and make sure there are no scales left on the skin.

2. Slice the salmon into thick pieces so it retains its juices but will be cooked through. Season with salt and pepper at this point.

3. Chop onions (red or brown doesn't matter, but here I used brown so there will be no colour clash). Not too finely, just so you can have bite and the crunch.

3. Heat up frying pan with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil or butter.

4. Fry the minced garlic until brownish.

5. Add salmon pieces to the hot pan on top of the garlic. Use a pair of tongs or chopsticks to turn them. Throw in onions around it too.

6. While one side is cooking, add a layer of basil pesto (dips are fine) onto the other side of salmon. Once browned, turn salmon pieces.

7. Make sure to also sear the skin side till crispy. You can do this one by one while the other pieces are cooking on the meat sides.

8. Poke one to check if it is cooked through. Once done, use a spatula to push it around and mix the garlic and onions with salmon pieces for a minute or two. Switch the stove off after and let it sit.

Photos credits:
Preparing the plate:

1. Twirl noodles as tight as you can, not in the direct middle of the plate, slightly to the right. It should sit high.

2. Position 4 salmon pieces to the left before adding onion pieces on top of it and a sprinkle on top of the noodles. Pepper to season.

3. Clean sides and decorate with Balsamic Glaze (I used Balsamic Apple Glaze).

4. It is now ready to be served. The balsamic glaze is actually to be eaten and dipped into! If you want the traditional soba soya mirin sauce, it is not difficult to buy a bottle of it. Pour it into individual bowls, only 1/3 of the bowl and add some water. Throw in some spring onions.

Now, it is lunchtime and I am hungry again...Hmmm....I sure hope you have fun with your cold soba noodles and be sure to tell me if you come up with any versions!

Till my next kitchen venture, Mayy xo

Monday, February 21, 2011

Shoestopper #13

For my sister who loves the number 13! =)

Like I said we were talking about the impending Taipei trip, which led to Nike Dunks, which led me to ask her if I should bring a LOUDER pair of sneakers instead? Turns out she wants a pair too. Guess it's time and an excuse for me to go shopping now ;) What colour you want, woman? I know she wants one to match her blue and yellow Billabong hoodie jacket. Which is a darker shade of blue and yellow compared to the one below...

Photo credits:
TA DAH! Didn't think I would have a liking to these kind of chunky sneakers right, after all that sleek stilettos and high heels? Well, I do. I love them but because I hardly wear them, I don't think I can justify them. I would really like to have a collection of sneakers. I can imagine a sneaker and high-tops wall in my house...

Coming back to reality, this Gravis high-top pair was bought in Dec 2010 in Perth during the start of the summer sales. I was walking along the shops and passed Waves surfshop at Carousel. I knew I was so going to get it because at AUD49, they are a steal. I also cannot deny that the colour combination here ranks among top 3 of favourite colour combis. LOVE IT and have yet to wear it out. Erm, but who cares.

Totally funky and definitely shoe-stopping!

Till my next shoe-stopping experience, Mayy xo

Kitchen Venture #6: Poached Egg and Cold Soba part 4

The reason I did not include this in part 3 is because this version needs some cooking and preparation too. Also, there is a new kitchen venture going on here too! Needs to be acknowledged eh?

No prizes also for guessing what is the new kitchen venture. It is poaching eggs! Friends kept telling me their poached eggs turned up lousy and they took ages to make them. After watching Julie & Julia the movie that day, I gathered enough courage to give it a go for dinner that night. All I needed was one egg really. AND I DID IT!!! Succeeded on my first try. I so earned the right to brag. =P

How I did it:

1. Boil water in the pot. Fill to about 3/4 level.

2. Crack an egg into a cup. Get ready a spoon by the pot!

3. Once the water is boiling, lower the cup carefully and slowly near the water surface. Slowly tip the egg into the water, let it slide in. Yes it may burn you so be careful or wear something like a glove. Lower the stove heat.

4. Once in, grab the spoon and keep covering the egg yolk with the swirling egg white. FAST and repeat the covering of the egg yolk just to make sure.

5. Based on judgement, you can watch the egg simmer and boil for however long depending on how you like your yolk runny or cooked through. I like mine runny, I let it boil for about 3-5 minutes before switching the stove off.

6. Grab a skimming ladle sieve and slowly spoon the egg up without the water. Put it over a bowl or cup while you go prepare your noodles or whatever. This should be your last step!

Photo credits:
Eggs aside, you need bacon and ham for this version of the cold soba. The cooking of this ham and bacon can be done beforehand, on that day or days before. So here's really a tip for student or busy people. Like when your ham or bacon is about to expire, chop them up and fry them in olive oil or butter. Let it cool and store them in the fridge. When needed, microwave or heat them up in the frying pan again.


1. Twirl noodles onto the centre of the plate. How? Use chopsticks or fork. Grab amount you want with them and lower it onto whereever you want on the plate. Slowly spin the plate around while you keep the noodles in place. Once you feel it looks good and the noodles are tight enough, slowly and carefully remove chopsticks or fork.

2. Arrange the bacon and ham pieces around the noodles. Pat the top of noodles flat for egg. Make a slight indent.

3. Now carefully lower the egg onto the top of the noodles. (mine slide off, sad.) So I think you need a dent on top, sort of like a volcano shape.

4. Salt and pepper to season. I don't use salt because I feel the bacon and ham are salty enough. You can also add a drop of ketchup on top of the poached egg. Cute.

I want to know how YOUR poached egg experience turned out. I have yet to try it again but I will once winter sets in. It is too hot here now!

Till my next kitchen venture, Mayy xo

Kitchen Venture #5: Cold Soba part 3

So let's continue with our Cold Soba Kitchen Venture. In this post and onwards, the soba noodles are the green tea ones, cha soba. This is my first batch of cold soba actually and turned out way better than the buckwheat ones. That's why I prefer this and kept the best for the last!

Preparing the cold soba noodles is exactly the same as what I posted in the first part. Except I did not add the garlic bits to this batch. So you can really savour the green tea and in my opinion, the green tea soba noodles taste smoother. Maybe it is the brand I used which is actually organic green tea.

For my first version, you will need blueberries, mangoes, sugar and balsamic vinegar.

Photo credits:
You will need a bit of cooking to prepare this dish. It can be served as an alternative dessert. Something different and you can serve it in very small portions which is really good enough. This is also a pretty seasonal dish because it was springtime and you can get it cheap and very good in the supermarkets here, especially the blueberries. However, in Asia, you can use mangoes on its own too. Do a Mango Balsamic Reduction instead of mango blueberries.


1. Heat the frying pan which should have some depth to it. Not the flat ones.

2. Slice mangos, remove skin and cut it into squares. Throw into the hot pan and let it sit.

3. Add about 2 tablespoons of Balsamic Vinegar to the pan and use the spatula to push it around so the mangoes are coated properly. Add blueberries at this point too.

4. Let the fruits simmer and vinegar bubble in low heat. Push around at intervals. Mangoes should become gooey and blueberries soft but still retaining the round shape. Add 1 tablespoon of sugar at this point, less or more depending on how tangy sour or sweet you like it.

5. Once the consistency is thick and mangoes have lost their shape, it is ready. Let it sit after switching the stove off. Have you prepared your soba noodles the way you want to serve it? Do that now if you have not.

6. Top noodles with the fruits reduction and let the vinegar seep through. It is now ready to be served. If it is for a dinner party, you can do this step after mian course and perhaps if you want to make it warm, microwave or let it simmer again for a few minutes by turning the stove up.

All these are really just the versions I have tried and I am sure you can think up of so many more creative ones to go with it. Don't be scared. Nothing gained if nothing ventured. ;)

Till my next kitchen venture, Mayy xo

Shoestopper #12

I was whatsapp-ing my sister earlier and discussing our (hopefully) upcoming Taipei trip in April. Their tickets are blocked but we are still sorting out mine, the whole from Perth to SG to Taipei and then SG for a few days before Perth. It costs alot online SQ website so we are figuring out if we can do any cheaper with an agent. Hmmmm...

Anyway, I was saying I will bring one of my Nike Dunks to Taiwan because they are loud colours and I am thinking of going for a more casual look so as to minimise luggage space. Only in Asian countries such as Japan, Hong Kong and Taiwan do I dare to venture over safely to my loud fashion side and really go for the funky/cute/loud.

I bought this at the end of my JC1 and thought I would wear this as school shoes for J2 year. Unfortunately, it turned out that a couple of girls started wearing them so I retired mine and kept it pristine. I know they are very bright, but I love it. The dark glossy pink and the gold on white. It was something different and didn't cost too much too. I was in the Nike Dunks phase and lucky I only bought 2 instead of more because I hardly wear them these days. I am just not the teeshirt, jeans and sneakers sort of girl.

I brought them to Japan with me and only really wore them to Disneyland because it matched my outfit for the day. So for over 3 years now, this pair still looks as new as the photo the day I bought it. I kid you not. I told you I can take care of stuff!

Photos credits:
Love how the shoelaces matches! Check out the glittery label and insoles (look closely at the NIKE words inside). Yes, it did not help dispel my bimbo nicknames and reputation. So I brought it with me to perth and haven't worn it since the first couple of weeks. I got side-tracked with rubi flats.

I am bringing this pair home to Singapore where it belongs and make it my travelling shoes...Or not. I can always just keep it clean and leave it for keeps... ;)

Till my next shoe-stopping experience, Mayy xo

Sunday, February 20, 2011

M's Movie Choice #3: RED

After vegging out on the couch and watching telly for the evening, I return to my room and laptop to blog about one of my favourite movies: RED. I watched it last year in the cinemas here and watched it again on my flight back to Perth. I would watch it over and over and not get bored of it. In my Movie Choice posts, I will do my best to blog about these movies I will not mind watching on repeat.

Picture credits:
It stars Bruce Willis, Helen Mirren, Morgan Freeman and John Malkovich as ex-CIA agents who are now retired but have to help and protect themselves now by resuming activities that Bruce Willis' character has been targeted by the now-CIA. I will not give too much away here because I really think you guys should watch this! It is kick ass action with quite a few funny moments too. Add that to the class of actors and their superb acting. Even girls who like rom-coms will like this too. (coughs, like me but then again, I love my James Bond movies.)

Picture credits:
That's Dame Helen Mirren looking hot doing her job. One of the things that first attracted me to this movie was Helen Mirren in it. She is right there on my list of favourite actresses, along with Meryl Streep and Judi Dench. In this movie, she portrays her character very well and shows a lady can be right up there with the boys in action and looking all sorts of classy at the same time. I mean only she can look sexy in that white ballgown and army boots. So just for her, you watch this. Like all the movies she is in.

Photo credits: as indicated above
John Malkovich, my first time watching him and he is one funny man. He plays the slightly demented, crazed and paranoid character well. So believable when he rolls and crosses his eyes hahaha. One smart cookie and an old man you don't want to mess around with.

Bruce Willis just looks hot in this movie and is slightly creepy stalkerish on his female crush. So he still got his action moves going on.

Photo credits: as indicated above
Morgan Freeman, one of my favourite actors. He is so cool, for lack of the better word. And I just really like him, he's got a nice funny grandpa vibe. Here in the movie, he is the cheeky one and very good at what he does. I believed it so yeah good acting eh.

Anyway, here's why you should watch the movie. You know those days you just want some action and some laughs and refused to get off the couch. And for those days you want to blow something or someone up because you are mad pissed off or angry. It relieves those tension for you without you being destructive. Except to your tummy with too much popcorn or snacks. ;)

Till my next movie mood, Mayy xo

Completely Random

Photo credits: Reebok Tennis
I found this online years and years ago and kept it in my folders ever since. So I am really sorry I cannot do a proper photo credit for it.

I just think it is really cute for any tennis players to appreciate. I will most certainly like to buy one and keep as part of the collection. Imagine blindsiding your opponents with this same-colour-as-tennis-ball pair of shoes! Insane.

Having not played for nearly 4 years, I have that fear of picking up the racket again and totally suckballs on court. Add to the fact that I think tennis is bad luck to my studies. So I'm saying no to tennis till my official student career is over.

Shoestopper #11

Sick of food for abit so let's talk about shoes. I was looking through my shoe collection here which includes new ones as well as those I have brought over from Singapore because I want to wear them out. Today's shoestopper belongs to the latter category.

Photo credits:
I bought this pair from a trip to Zhu Hai, China walking over from Macau where I was really visiting. The underground mall is massive in Zhu Hai and one day is so NOT enough walking around and trying to buy up all the bargains. It is also a dizzying experience.

I just wanted a really comfortable pair for work and not too high. This one stands at about 3 inches with thicker heels so they are steadier. The upper part of the shoes are also made out of cloth and really quite soft. The peep toes may cut and be uncomfortable after long hours of walking. But for workwise, perfect. It is not the best looking pair around but it does alright and makes it look like I am making an effort when really I can't be bothered. The two straps are held by velcro so one had already come off but I super-glued it back on.

Back to wearable now and I am hoping to wear them as soon as possible because I have too many shoes and I have a similar one I love. I bought that similar but more expensive one before this pair. I only really bought this pair just because I can wear this one without much hassle and taking care of when I feel like wearing the nice ones but I know I won't want to because I want to keep it in pristine condition. I know I know, very OCD of me. Learning to let go and be less OCD.

So if anyone wants this pair, just let me know and it is yours. Because, they are likely to go to the Salvation Army soon if I don't wear them out first.

Till my next shoe-stopping experience, Mayy xo

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Kitchen Venture #5: Cold Soba part 2

For today, 2 versions before I stop posting about it for now. And I will do more tomorrow or on Monday. I can't give away everything at one go. It will be no fun right? ;)

Both of them are very very simple and really do not need further cooking. It is sort of like a noodle salad. You can serve it as an entree at dinner parties but for me, I eat them for dinner or lunch. Just vary the portions, decorate them. If entrees, you can serve them in chinese spoons portions, little plates or champagne glasses. Anything! It is so up to your imagination!

What you need for this first version I am introducing: Cashew Nuts, Balsamic Vinegar (get a good grade from Modena, and so NOT balsamic glaze or vinaigrette). Although, I think vinaigrette or an alternative oil based salad dressing will do fine. so NOT mayonnaise or thousand island or caesar. As for the cashews, you can go with salted, unsalted, or even flavoured. I use the Woolies brand of Thai Lime flavour. really good on its own too ;)

You just take the desired amount of noodles you want and twirl it onto the plate. Sprinkle however much of nuts you like (chopped or unchopped). Chopped will be easier to eat. Toss. And then 2 tablespoons of Balsamic and let it soak through. Top with more nuts for presentation. I also added some ikan bilis and peanuts that I brought from Singapore. If you have that, good too. But it is not everyone's liking...

For the second version, you need Smoked Salmon and cucumber and abit more garlic if you want.

Lay the bowl or plate with smoked salmon slices in a round shape. You can either make it a fully covered circle or a circle with a 'hole' in the middle for the noodles to go into. Slice cucumber lengthwise and pretty thin. Twirl noodles onto the smoked slamon and top with garlic. Just add the cucumber slices and you are good to go.

Photos credits:
Pretty easy huh?

Till my next kitchen venture, Mayy xo

Kitchen Venture #5: Cold Soba part 1

It is Summer here in Australia, and I am in Western Australia which is the hottest and sunniest part. So for me who really dislike sweating and being hot, I hate summer here. I escape back home for the period but I never fail to get caught in the last few weeks of it. =(

What I like to eat in summer are usually the cold food like salads, sandwiches, cereal and sushi. So I thought I will post my favourite kitchen venture for you, Cold Soba noodles. I experimented with them in Nov/Dec 2010 and is still obsessed with it. It's always been a favourite order of mine when I go to a Jap lunch with friends.

Since I have done so many versions of it, I thought we would divide it into parts. And part 1 will be the buckwheat soba noodles, not the green tea kind which I much prefer.

There it is. Looks plain here and a huge bowl of it so I just store it in the fridge and eat it whenever I want for the next week. That's the good part about it. You don't have to worry about meals for the next couple of days. You can play around with it using it as the core of the meal. You can heat it up and have it warm. You can throw it back into soup and have a soupy noodles meal! It is MINIMAL FUSS, pretty special and easy to clean up after.


1. Boil a pan of water and you don't have to add salt to it. This is not like pasta. About 3/4 full.

2. When the water is boiling pretty full on, hold the noodles in one fist above the pan and slowly release them, strand by strand or a few strands at a time. Again NOT like pasta where you just throw the chunk in and watch it sink as the water softens them.

3. Once all the strands are in, use chopsticks or fork to swirl them into the waterand make sure they are fully covered. Reduce boiling.

4. Let it cook for the next 10 to 15 minutes. Use a fork or chopstick to pick one strand up to test. Make sure they are cooked through. Switch off fire once you think it is done. Please do not have al dente soba. They DO NOT taste good chilled. Believe me, I tried.

5. Let it sit and cool before draining the noodles dry. You can use a strainer or just pour thre water out carefully. Whichever. And let it cool again so you don't burn your fingers!

6. Once cooled, transfer it into a bowl or container you are storing it in.

7. SESAME OIL!!! I use the Chee Seng brand from Singapore (yes I bring sesame oil in with me back to Aussie). But you can find Yeo's brand in Coles or Woolies or just head down to the oriental shops. Be generous here. Drizzle or pour sesame oil to your heart's content. Put your hands in and toss the noodles. Don't be afraid to get your hands dirty here! MAKE SURE all the noodle strands are well coated with sesame oil, if unsure go for more over less. Because if it is less, the end result is NOT pretty. Believe me, I tried. It should sort of glisten with oil...

8. Once you are dizzy with happiness from the yummy smell wafting through your kitchen, cover it with cling wrap or a plate (just cover it), and stick it into the refrigerator. NOT the freezer unless you want soba popsicles! Leave it in the fridge overnight, or if you want it for dinner, make it at lunch or before. This ensures it being all cold and the sesame oil flavour really sinks in.

Tip: I sprinkle fried garlic pieces onto the soba noodles and toss them well. Yums. So that's that. all done. And you can start to play! I will doing the versions next so tuned in for that! =) Follow me on twitter for updates, @mayyb.

Till my next kitchen venture, Mayy xo

Completely Random

A sure way to feel like a kid all over again?

Watching morning cartoons on telly before morning shower and eating kiddy cereals in cold milk!

Photo credits:
It is one of sis' favourite find in the supermarkets in Singapore. Stocks are constantly sold out as soon as they arrive! Lucky Charms hail from America, the land of all great junk food. With marshmallow bits!! I love those. I remember Alpha-bits had marshmallow version too when I was younger. But they don't have it anymore. Nevertheless, we found a replacement! There were also a couple of other versions in the Philipplines supermarket.

So head down to Cold Storage as fast as you can!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Shoestopper #10

The 10th post for the shoe-stopping series! So I figured I would feature a pair of skyscrapers to sort of signify that the blog will stack up more posts in the following years.

My highest pair yet and the first time I wore them, out to dinner and club with friends here in Perth. The next day, they didn't turn out so well and I nearly cried. Had to do damage control with cleaning and spraying stain remover asap. I learnt never to wear white or light coloured shoes out to the clubs. Only when I want to chuck them out =D


Photos credits:
I bought this pair in March/April 2010 at Sportsgirl Carousel. They were really expensive when I first set eyes on them (even when they are already on sale) and each day I checked back in to see if the price dropped. My persistence paid off! I got them at AUD69.95. Not the cheapest but they are made out of leather and the soles are really comfy. I would know. Because I wore them to Lady Gaga's concert....STANDING. Good soles, you can tell if you look close enough at the photos and see the arch where the label is.

(Darling shoes on the Gaga's floor, forming an M and fallen down...)

Truth be told, they are really high at 5 inches but there are the platforms. And I didn't last the whole of the concert. I couldn't stand it, pun not intended. I liked that they go with alot of outfits: jeans, dresses, denim skirts. The colour is called BONE. Hahaha. It is really sort of bone white colour. They are high maintenance though and the stilettos are kind skinny which means I have to stick to hard floors (no grass) and no drains.

Would I buy another pair like it again? Well, if they are Louboutins. Otherwise I am happy with this one and 5 inches demand that you need a car. They are really just shoes for dinner. Where you are ferried and only really walked to dinner and back... Like I said. High maintenance.

Till my next shoe-stopping experience, Mayy xo

M's Food Find #22

So speaking of Din Tai Fung in the previous post, I really dont have to food-find Din Tai Fung. Good xiao long baos, good fried rice, but I am NOT a fan of their la mian. So I hardly insist on dining there these days. Except when I have no choice because it is the easiest option around. Although I must add that one of my must orders when I dine there is their warm tofu with braised minced meat. Very small but I love it. I wish I have it here to go with my porridge. How do a girl go about preparing that? Hmmmmmm. And the cold cucumbers and cold chicken. Three entrees make me a happy girl.

Anyway I went to Resorts World Sentosa with Mummy the other day for the Valentino exhibition and given that we both weren't feeling too well, we decided to go for something light. As nothing came to our minds, we knew there was a Din Tai Fung around so we went in search for it. Turns out...

Photo credits:
BAITS restaurant all the way at the end of the row past Candylicious, tucked away in the corner. We found out that's Din Tai Fung. Just with a spin because this outlet serves up two different menus, on usual menu you find everywhere else and the other for some Singapore and seafood fare. Smart move, DTF management. Play up to the tourist crowd.

The queue was also pretty long. We queued for it because we thought it was such a big place and the line would move fast. It did not. It was such a long wait, and the weather was insanely humid and there was no fans in the surrounding area. Madness. I mean, when we finally went in, there were so many empty tables! I don't understand why they kept us out there waiting. If it is a marketing strategy, it suckballs. Just for that, I don't think I would ever go back.

Having said that, Mum and I ordered the Assam Fish and Lady's Fingers to go with a bowl of chicken rice. Portions were not too big which is good. Chicken rice was pretty fragrant so that was a nice touch for me. I really prefer chicken rice to plain white rice. So to have that option, nice. Assam Fish was good too, I really liked the gravy but wished it was a bit more sour seeing how it is supposed to be assam. Their version had coconut milk so it was sort of like curry or laksa. The lady's fingers were sliced very thinly so when fried, it had that nice gooey touch.

I'm sorry there are no photos of the food because we were so very hungry. Service was not the best because Mum suspects it is due to lack of manpower. Which also led to them making us wait outside instead of letting us come in to sit. Food did arrive very fast though. They also have a couple of recommended dishes like champagne pork ribs etc which sold out when we ordered. Sad. But it is really nice that their dishes come i small portions. You can order more ;)

Till my next food find, Mayy xo

Completely Random

Don't you girls just hate it when you are settling into a restaurant or cafe for a meal and find out there is NOWHERE to put your bag? Worse if it is a crowded one and you know you don't want your favourite bag on the floor. And the seats are so thin, how is it going to fit your butt and bag? Or, if the space between the table and your thighs are that narrow?

There is the invention of bag hooks but it doesn't fit all table widths! Although, I must say it is such a good idea. Mummy got one for Christmas and I took it. HEH. So it goes into my bag all the time. It has come in handy quite a few times.

Din Tai Fung provides a really good service too with the bag laundry basket and they even cover over it with a cloth. I like that alot. That is one of the reasons I head there at times. But the best is...

Photo credits:
This is taken at the One-Ninety restaurant, Four Seasons Hotel when I went there for that buffet. A table of tai-tais were having their lunch and one arrived with shopping bags and that blue bag. Correct me if I am wrong, I think it is Tod's. She looked around and placed her bag on the floor... As soon as a waiter walked past and noticed it, he came back so fast with that little stool for her. The delight on her face says it all, albeit a very toned-down delight and smile. I was so impressed with that. Especially in general, ladies or even guys who head there for lunch probably can afford and will tote around a pretty expensive bag. Good to know they are well-taken care of.

So little things do make any experience better!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Mayy's 1st Biz Class Flight

A special blog post to record my very FIRST BUSINESS CLASS flight! I was so excited when I did the upgrade online with the redemption of my points. I did it in hope that my heavy baggage goes through and it really did. Phew. It almost didnt but on my second try, I met one of the regular SIA angels. I have come across so many SIA angels ever since I started my journeys back and forth. I am just lucky to have another one that morning.

Usually, we checked in and head to food court for brekkie. But Dad had HIS first bizclass flight in January and found out about the SilverKris Lounge's buffet. So we walked around reluctantly for a wee bit before hugging my family outside the departure gates. Always had to hold back tears. Sighs. I am just very attached to my family.

Found my way to the lounge and walked there all big-eyed and excited. It was up the escalator (Terminal 3) to the left after customs, at La Perla. And walk more past rows of other lounges and to the back. It is a hidden haven.

After having the staff checked the boarding pass, I walked through and was greeted with that panel. In such an early hour of the morning, to have that serene feeling and atmosphere and music play in the lounge was very calming.

I went straight in search of food. I was a wee bit hungry. And I was a little shy on taking photos. All the business people and rich people. Eeks. So yeah, the spread was pretty good! With congee, mini pancakes, chee kweh, siew mai, cereal, lontong, and a whole lot more. Yums. I was a bit sad too so I didn't eat much.

After breakfast, I went to the restroom and it was spick and span. I really really like the whole colour scheme going on for the SIA Business Class which continues even onto the plane. Liking the panel mirrors above. Alot, would like to have it in my dream walk-in wardrobe. ;)

They even have like a row of shower rooms in the restroom. Would you just LOOK AT THAT. Not the best photo, but luxury to be able to shower in this well-stocked bathroom for a layover eh? I know I want to. Next time, Imma going to wear peejays and shower here. KIDDING.

After the restroom, I sat around on one of the comfy chairs and attempt to take a photo to justify the big space they used. But no, to no avail. I mean they had big screen tvs, all sorts of magazines to keep you entertained. Wow. And it's all so quiet and calm and a little intimidating.

That's me leaving the SilverKris Lounge since it's time for boarding... I walked all the way to the gate which was pretty far, I misjudged. And being BizClass, they alr boarded so I just went right through. And instead of gate B, it's gate A today!

The empty seats that greeted me. I was a little excited thinking I was going to have both seats to myself. But the neighbour rocked up just before gate closed. Sighs. But I got the aisle seat which I checked in for. That is because of my tiny bladder. I go to the toilet alot.

You walk past it everytime you deplane, and it really is as comfortable as it looks. Wow.

That's my bigger screen telly to watch movies on. Comes with these really good headphones that just blocks out everything else. I do mean everything. I can't even hear the air stewardesses and stewards! I like how organised everything was. All the little shelves to put away stuff, so my kinda thing. Even with the middle armrest, there was storage space. For ipods, phones, laptops...

A little bit of champagne to get me started, kicking back with Harper's Bazaar.

That's entree, YUMS. I can't eat the beef one though. So it was pushed to the far side. I like that the peanut sauce was chunky and the meat was tender! Cucumber refreshing and onions burn. Just the way I like my satays. I prefer red onions though and more cucumber... Perhaps a short meat stack as well, but a couple more sticks?

Thats the control panel for the seat. Yes, recline all the way. Wow. If only I had that on the flights I want to sleep on. It sure felt super good.

That's the salad! Yu Sheng, HUAT AH. So I lao myself all the way high up in the sky. They even laid a table cloth across the traytable. Nice work. I like that touch alot.

The stewards and stewardesses also came round with the bread basket with all kinds of bread! Wow. I had a garlic bread. It was alright. But I was distracted with the movie I was watching...

Main course came round and it was the option I chose online while I did my upgrade. Slipper lobster thermidor. Asparagus was really soft, the rice was well rice, lobster was chewy and came with a pretty good sauce. I like the squishy tomato! Overall, its an experience I wouldn't mind having again. But I am going for the risotto or something else if I am on another bizclass flight.

Photos credits:
Time for dessert! Stewardess came by with two bowls: Would you like the mango sorbet or the Ben and Jerry's? er, OF COURSE THE B&J's! Super yum. I like that they didnt serve it to you in that tub. How nice. With sauce and nuts too. Just wow. And they came by with the chocolate truffle tray. Okayyyy, took the white one. Then they came back again and the really nice steward smiled and said just take more. Hahaha! I really liked the steward. He was all smiles and just had this kind look about him.

And there ends my culinary experience in the air. I really like the whole experience and one can only be so lucky to do it over and over again. Wow. There is really nothing else like Singapore Airlines. Really proud of the fact that Singapore achieved all that.

Till my next biz class flight (not for a while more), Mayy xo