Saturday, January 22, 2011

Shoestopper #6

Inspired by the music video posted earlier, I am going to do another shoe-stopping post! I mean, look at the video! Have you?! Those hot models playing soccer in their stilettos. Nice footwork eh? Alright, and I secretly love their outfits and shoes and hot bods.

So obviously this post will be on yet another high-heeled, lift-my-booty pair. Introducing my love-at-first-sight booties from Zara. I got them mid this year, or was it last year? It wasn't too long ago, and I remember just handing over my card. I just could NOT wait till the sales.

Ended up having to hide it when I got home, but I was dumb enough to leave my receipt on the table. So Mum found out and lectured me on my shoes obsession. But my theory is why clad your feet is cheapness all the time?! There are times they deserve to be pampered. Shoes maketh the outfit, in my opinion. Some say its the bag or the makeup or the hair, not me. That probably explains my shoes collection. With further ado, photo!

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Look at that! How can a girl NOT fall in love with them right? Okok, I understand to each their own. The satin grey with that exquisite delicate black lace over. It really makes the outfit. I usually pair them with a jeans and nice-top combo. There are also a few dresses I will totally wear them out with in autumn, and leggings/stockings in winter. They just instantly up the glam factor in an ordinary outfit. All I need is smoky eyes makeup and mussed-up hair to complete the look which only takes all of 10 minutes, or 5 if I have steady hands that night.

They are actually really comfortable, but I would wear those thin socks with them. Just so they don't smell eh! Haha, For this kind of shoes, always remember to put stuffing in them to keep their shape when you are not wearing them. The heels are also steady enough, take a good look. It's a thicker top. I also favour shoes with pointier front, which you will soon notice if I keep posting about my collection.

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These pair of shoes make me feel extraordinarily good and confident whenever I go out in them. I know nothing can go wrong, and I get good kind of stares from both the girls and boys. Don't we all just love shoes who do that for us? ;)

Do you have such a pair that makes you feel the way I do? How do they look like? I really would like to know!

Till my next shoe-stopping experience, Mayy xo

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