Thursday, January 27, 2011

M's Food Find #12

Just another simple dinner with Mummy and Daddy on a weekday night. The parents decided to head to Toa Payoh Lorong 5 Block 75 for claypot rice they claimed to be really good. Apparently, one should call the stall and put in your order on the way there. Which we forgot to do so. But lucky for us, the stall's orders for the night was not filled so we only had to wait aorund 20 minutes.

It arrived like that and you had to add your own dark soya sauce and oil. I think it is a relly good idea to let the customers add their own amount of oil. The health nuts can go for none or just a wee bit. You need a little bit of oil regardless I reckon.

I forgot to take a photo after stirring in the sauces. It was a nice dark colour. I found it to be fragrant and the chicken nicely cooked through. The rice was abit tough, I don't know if it is the use of a lower grade rice or just not very well-cooked. I choose the former. I like the salted fish they added. Could have been a little more!

I am not the biggest fan of claypot rice but this one is pretty alright. What this post is really about, the oyster omeletter or 'orh luak' we ordered while waiting for the claypot rice. $4 from the stall, Heng Heng Fried Oyster.

Photos credits: (my phone)
I really liked this stall's version. Crispy bits mixed with softer flour bits and fluffy egg omelette pieces. There were also 2 stalls with long queues in this hawker centre. So give it a go! The fishball noodles and the chicken rice. Nice to always expand simple dinner places to go to in Singapore. A short drive away, no need to dress up, and be able to get home in a short enough time for fruits like as if Mum cooked. But without the washing and the cleaning up after.

Till my next food find, Mayy xo

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