Saturday, January 22, 2011

M's Food Find #10

So what food can fill the shoes of the 10th post yet? I can always count on this place to bring me back to my childhood and also fill my tummy with really good Singaporean food. Not the classiest and cleanest place around, but sometimes don't we all want a really simple affair?

My childhood had been a really good one, and I was pretty close to my maternal grandparents. Alot of my food cravings and food loves are reminiscent of ah gong. =) This place was one we frequent for suppers and watching soccer, or stopping to do a takeway after an evening out to head to the grandparents' place for supper. From how they were at the very beginning, with the old school appliances and cooking techniques, to their various renovations and their new look now. Thankfully, the fried hokkein mee remains TOPS.

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This plate of sinful goodness can be found in a small coffeeshop at the corner of Geylang Lorong 29. It is opposite a really big coffeeshop which does NOT serve food anywhere near as good as this comparatively tiny one. It is next to a small back alley, and a temple. The name of this shop is SWEE GUAN HOKKEIN MEE. There is no pretense here, no nice presentation, just a heap of good food piled onto an orange plate. Ask for more chilli, its awesome. That plate above is the small one, $4. Sometimes, there will be a long wait but well worth it especially you are waiting for the chef to finish that wok. His wok hei is amazing.

Besides hokkein mee at this unassuming coffeeshop, the braised duck stall next to it serves up some good duck and sauce, Eng Nam Duck Rice. So order a plate with their white creamy gooey porridge which I love almost as much. Or the new stall that serves up orh luak. It is not the best I have had but not bad either. $5 for a small plate, I find it a tad bit expensive though. If they have this in Australia, that would be dirt cheap and I would go there everyday. Ironic. Anyway, I will do a post on the best orh luak (oyster omelette) around soon once I get round to eating there! Haha. The satay stall's standard has slipped considerably so much so we no longer order it when we go down there. They were so good when I was 5, and maybe 10. Then now at my age, its not good at all and also increase in price. So unjustified.

DO make a trip down there as soon as possible. It is NOT to be missed, especially if you haven't been. Some people make this trip weekly. I am not kidding you! Let me know what you think, or if you think someplace else is better. Hmmmmm. I doubt so =P but hey, no harm in letting me know and going to try. Only my waistline is at stake. Haha

Till my next food find, Mayy xo

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