Sunday, December 5, 2010

Today, Mayy...

Decision has been made to name my records of random everyday happenings: Today, Mayy...

Today, Mayy went out for lunch with Anna. Anna just got back to Perth last night from her 10 days trip to Melbourne and Sydney. We were to meet at Wong's at Bentley Centre for some good Malaysian/Singaporean fare. Sadly, we found the restaurant to be closed. We wandered around and tried to find an alternative. I suggested Victoria Park since it was just down the road, Anna suggested Ten Ten since I really want some Chinese food.

The place was really packed when we entered the restaurant. And the lady woman at the counter just had this really can't-be-bothered facial expression and sort of waved us away. I mean, don't you want more business?! Anna pointed out a free table at the moment and Woman said if there's a free table, just go. I'm starting to get really annoyed. If it was up to me, I would have walked out of there in a split second. The waitresses were also unhelpful and unfriendly. I quite liked the noisy buzz from the crowd in the place, but the food was not that fantastic. The last straw came when we went up to pay at the counter. Woman still had a really pissed off expression and as I was walking out of the door, I said I am NEVER returning there ever again. I am going to stick to that and spread the word. I guess I am like my daddy, I will not stand for lousy service and arrogant owners. I rather just leave and find someplace else. Don't these people know they are in a very competitive service industry? VicPark's a stretch of restaurants and food joints! Sheesh.

After lunch, we got baby cones at Baskin Robbins. I love the flavour I got today: Everyone's favourite Candy Bar. awwwwww, it was really sweet and had a hint of nuts. To me, it felt like I was having mars bar, snickers and all the chocbars in a melting icecream. yums! I forgot to take any photos of today's lunch and dessert. However, I will share with you a photo of the cutest cake I saw in BR.

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On the fashion front, Anna wore one of her usual sleeveless tees. I know her purple one's from Victoria's Secrets, maybe today's red one too? Anyway, she usually pairs them with leggings. NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO. I have told her UMPTEEN times, that is a major faux pas unless you are really tiny and have no butt. But she is a beautiful curvy tall girl. Not going to work girlfriend! Not nice in front too, if you all know what I mean. So if you want to wear shirts that ends above your butt, front and back, wear pants ok? or pull on a skirt if u insist on leggings. Or even shorts. HOWEVER, today girlfriend wore a pair of lightweight white harem pants she just got from Supre in Melb. It really brightens her up and it sure looked better! So hopefully girlfriend will see the plus points in wearing pants with shirts and ALL the nay points in shirt/leggings combo.

So girls, NO. Cover those camel toes and butts. Unless you kicked ass everyday in the gym and have a killer butt. In which case, I shut my mouth. What have you all been doing this dreary Sunday? I do want to know if you went on some adventure ;)

Till the butter flies, Mayy xo

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