Saturday, December 4, 2010

Shoestopper #1

I've decided that I will start my very first diary on my favourite pick-me-ups: Shoes. 98% of my girlfriends or girls I've met love them, very few girls I know are NOT fascinated with them. Shoe shopping brings us such excitement and buzz. Oh! and that Cinderella moment when you find one that fits so snug...

It is undeniable I love that feeling of wearing fabulous shoes. My personal mantra: "The higher the better." I meant the height of the stilettos, for all you flats-wearing or worse, thongs-wearing girls out there. Again, I must clarify thongs is Aussie slang for slippers, flip-flops. I love them, don't get me wrong. But today, I will share with you a very special pair of shoes in my humble collection.

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These are my very first stilettos. The 4 inch beauties were bought quite a while back. The satin black and elegant gold lining, the sexy stiletto heel. Also, the fact it was the Zara sale period (although the price tag really was not all that low). It was all enough to make a very sad (semi heartbroken and maybe a little reckless) girl smile again. I had one of my girlfriends, Charlene with me at that time to giggle at my find. Am I glad to share that moment with her. The powerful, confident feeling it gives me when I wore them each time. Not to mention, I really took to it like a duckling took to swim. I felt like I found my little talent. I could walk naturally in these! So, I forked over my ATM card, and heard my first expensive cha ching for shoes/stilettos. To this day, my mother still does not understand my shoe fetish and the insane price tags I am willing to pay for them... Maybe one day my future job will allow me to buy her a pair of good expensive quality Tod's loafers. Then, she will understand no?

Another shoe related topic: Are peeptoe shoes really sexier than completely covered front? Why? Enlighten me. I still think that hole in front just makes it alittle more difficult to last longer in a pair of stilettos since the toe rub against it and it hurts!

Nevertheless, I had no idea then that this was the beginning of an obsession. Tell me all you shoe lovers, do you remember your first special shoe moment? Share with me your stories...I would love to hear them.

Till my next shoe-stopping experience, Mayy xo

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