Friday, December 10, 2010

M's Movie Choice #1: Bride Wars

Yesterday, Shiyu came over to my place for a chillout arvo together. We decided to just stay home, eat and watch movies. Pretty good idea to just laze around. Unfortunately it was a teeny bit hot so we took a break in between and drove to Coles for some snacks.

We watched two movies out of my collection: Bride Wars and Just My luck.

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I really liked Bride Wars starring two of my favourite actresses, Kate Hudson and Anne Hathaway. While this is not Hathaway's best acting, I still found the whole plot endearing. I never fail to cry when Emma's (Hathaway) dad visited Liv (Hudson) in the hotel room before the bridal march. Kate Hudson played her character very well. The whole domineering power woman, yet at the heart of it, she finds her soft side. And to see the contrasting differences between both couples. A girl sure hopes she can learn to see the signs of their relationship. Liv's husband (Steve Howey) was so sweet through the downs of it all. Awwwww. I also really liked Candice Bergen as Marion St. Claire. The narration was very very soothing and a nice respite from the girls' fighting.
I remember watching it with Anna first in the cinema when it came out in 2009. Then I bought last week, and watched it alone. I bawled my eyes out, especially when I had those doubts about reality. Third time, I still love it. I don't think it will reach the level of my obsession with The Devil Wears Prada...but 3 times and I'm still not sick of it. Suffice to say, it's one of my choices to watch, especially with girlfriends.

Highlight for me: The Vera Wang gown worn by Kate Hudson. I know without a doubt, thats the dress of my dreams. Classic, princess-like, I will still love it when I look back 40 years later...
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Till my next movie mood, Mayy xo

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