Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Kitchen Venture #2: Omu-

Continuing my egg-venturous streak in the kitchen, my next venture here will be omu-rice/noodles. A really simple omelette that you can make simple maggie mee look pretty! Although here in Aussie, we call it IndoMee since it's just about the best instant noodles around. (I've heard some issues surrounding IndoMee, so best to go for another brand for the time being.)

What I do is crack two eggs into a bowl and pour in a little milk. Whip that up with a fork until it is properly mixed, then season with salt and pepper. I hardly use salt in my kitchen but I know my friends would want salt in that even if I personally leave that out. If you want cheese in it, pour in parmesan or shave whichever kind of cheese you like. For me, its always either parmesan or cheddar. My favourite cheddar brand is Cracker Barrel. I get the Light Cheddar version in a bid to slowly wean me off it. Feta cheese is supposed to be the healthier version of cheeses. Mix this well. Set it aside.

Heat up the pan with butter or margarine (Yes yes, you can use oil if you want. Remember, olive oil is healthier.). Oil the pan well and make sure it coated, otherwise the omelette will stick. We are aiming for a round omelette here! Once it has melted and pan is sizzling, pour in the mixture and let it fill to the edge. Control the heat here, maybe turn it down. Once it starts bubbling, gently use the spatula and ease it off the edge of the pan. Find your way to the middle of the egg and flip it over. The now up side should be a little browned. Let the downside cook for a minute or two before turning the heat off. Top tip: Eggs still cook even when the heat is turned off.

You can do your maggie mee or rice whichever way you want. I use microwave-able rice (yes I am that lazy, but it really saves alot of time!). There are so many flavours to choose from too. I like Uncle Ben's Tomato and Basil rice, Mushroom rice, and brown rice from any brand. Basmati rice is also a healthier option from white. Now, my mee is another topic all together so I will do that in my next kitchen venture. A few photos before we wrap this up! (pun intended)
Remember to add some salad as a healthy side to balance out the unhealthiness of instant noodles and instant rice haha! You can add chilli sauce or ketchup in that zigzag line the way omu-meals are always presented. How to wrap the rice/noodles:
1. While omelette when done is still in pan, add noodles/rice to half of the omelette. Flip the other half over it and transfer onto plate.
2. Shape the rice/noodles in a long oval on a plate. Gently place omelette over it, covering the sides.

And there you have it, a delicious and slightly more presentable lunch in a matter of minutes! It sure makes for a more enjoyable meal

Till my next kitchen venture, Mayy xo

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