Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Be Right Back

Hello y'all! How did your Christmas merrymaking go? I didn't do much for Christmas really. I just got back from my annual cruise trip on SuperStar Virgo to Phuket and Penang. I had a pretty good time eating and gymming. Managed to squeeze in a dip in the pools and jacuzzi!

New Year's Eve coming up. What are your plans? I sure wish I had all my girlfriends with me. I am going to have a mini gathering at Marina Bay Sands for the night. I cannot wait to try out the infinity edge pool and watch the fireworks. Amazing thought. Will resume blogging properly as soon as possible alright?

Remember, live to eat what the world has to offer! (Exercise to maintain, don't starve!)

Till my next, Mayy xoxo

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